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Is There a Better Energy Plan For You?

Small Business

Fixed rate plans, like our Firm Price Plan, are a great option for businesses looking for a no-fuss energy plan. However, there are other options that might be a better fit for your business’ needs. AEP Energy’s pass-through plan can help you effectively manage your capacity and transmission demand-based costs. Our True Cost Plan allows …

How to Know If Your Business Is Ready to Go Green

Small Business

There’s a lot of buzz around renewable energy and a lot of options for small businesses to choose from. AEP Energy’s Renewable Product Plan makes it easy for businesses to choose renewable energy. With this plan, you can match a percentage of your energy usage with national Green-e Energy® certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Is …

When Is the Best Time for You to Buy Natural Gas?

Small Business

Without a fixed price, you could be stuck paying fluctuating natural gas prices that are impacted by supply and demand, weather and more. If you haven’t already, you can lock in a natural gas rate for your business by selecting a fixed price plan with your energy supplier, which is a sure-fire way to avoid …

Set and Meet Your Energy Goals in 2020

Small Business

The beginning of the year offers a blank slate to plan goals for the year ahead. Particularly for small business owners, it presents a new opportunity to identify ways to improve or grow your business. Energy suppliers, like AEP Energy, can offer guidance and support to help you meet some of your energy-related goals. Looking …

AEP Energy’s Small Business Solutions by the Numbers

Small Business

December is a great time to reflect on all that’s happened throughout the year and all we have to be grateful for. Here’s a glimpse into AEP Energy’s Small Business Solutions department by the numbers… We are proud to offer custom electricity and natural gas supply plans to over 18,500 small business customers! 232 small …

Holiday Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

Small Business

Lights, inflatables, colder temperatures – oh my! As the holiday season approaches, many businesses will choose to decorate their business over the next few months. Fortunately, adding additional lights and decorations to your business doesn’t have to increase your energy spend. Here are a few energy efficiency tips to help you keep your energy costs …

Inside AEP Energy’s Small Business Forum

Small Business

Twice a year, all AEP Energy small business team members come together at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to learn about new things that are happening in the energy industry, within AEP Energy and to participate in a few team-building activities.  In August, a variety of topics designed to help the team better serve AEP …

What to Do When a Supplier Approaches You About Your Energy

Small Business

There are many retail energy suppliers within deregulated states that are eager to supply your business’ energy. However, if you’re already signed with an energy supplier, like AEP Energy, it can be difficult to know what to do when another supplier approaches you with an offer for your business. Here are a few things to …

5 Myths About Energy Suppliers, Explained

Small Business

The power to choose an energy supplier is a great opportunity for small businesses. However, understanding the differences between energy supplier, utility and everything else in between can be challenging. We’re debunking a few common myths about energy suppliers to help you understand what exactly energy suppliers, like AEP Energy, do and how you can …