Inside AEP Energy’s Small Business Forum

Twice a year, all AEP Energy small business team members come together at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to learn about new things that are happening in the energy industry, within AEP Energy and to participate in a few team-building activities. 

In August, a variety of topics designed to help the team better serve AEP Energy customers were discussed, including:

  • An analysis of the energy market – past, present and future – Chief Solutions Officer of AEP Energy, Scott Slisher, spoke to the group about historical and current trends in the energy industry and what that might mean for customers.
  • AEP Energy’s customer experience program – our team of data scientists distribute surveys to our small business customers to gauge their satisfaction with our enrollment process and their overall satisfaction with being an AEP Energy customer. The small business team reviewed the data to learn how we can improve for our customers.
  • Insight into different departments within the company – members from our customer care team, contract management and pricing gave us a deeper look into their operations and how what they do affects how our team operates.
  • “Minute to Win It” games – these fun-filled group games not only helped team members learn more about the energy industry and AEP Energy, but it sparked a little friendly competition, too!

At AEP Energy, we are committed to doing the right thing. The purpose of the AEP Energy Small Business Forum is to help our energy consultants and account managers continually learn in order to serve our customers better. We’re proud to bring our team of energy experts together to learn from each other, get to know each other better and share experiences to help improve the customer experience.

Learn more about our small business team here.

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