Why Switch

See why switching really pays off.

Our mission is to give you freedom. Whether you want to save money or go green, we give you the power to do so confidently.

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Why AEP Energy

Why choose AEP Energy?

Our mission is to give you freedom. We supply energy to more than half a million residential and business customers. Whether you want to save money or go green, we give you the power to do so confidently.

  • BBB

    A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

    Rely on the energy supplier that gets great customer ratings.

  • Price Transparency

    Get the peace of mind that comes with always knowing what you’re paying.

  • Renewable Energy

    Energy plans that provide planet-friendly alternatives.

  • Reward Dollars

    Earn home technology products that help you decrease energy usage and reduce costs.

WHy Switch

Four great reasons to switch.

Uncertain about changing your supplier? Trying to decide if it’s worth the time? Here are four important reasons to make a change for the better.

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Get A Better Price

Select a plan with lower rate to reduce your energy bills.

Stop Paying Variable Rates

Get a fixed-rate plan that doesn’t ebb and flow with seasonal demands.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Do your part to protect the environment by getting your energy from green sources.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Stop worrying that you’re overpaying or getting duped by your energy supplier.

Choosing a supplier

Things to consider before you decide.

Deregulation means you have a variety of suppliers to choose from. The problem is that they’re not always as upfront as they should be. Some hit you with unfavorable terms, changing rates and hidden costs. Before you switch, be sure you’re choosing a supplier that’s committed to you.

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Before Signing Up
Ask a supplier these questions:

Do I have to pay to cancel my contract?

AEP Energy lets you cancel your enrollment at any time without charging early termination fees.

Does the price I pay change? How?

With AEP Energy, your rates are fixed for the duration of your term.

Do you have renewable energy options?

AEP Energy provides green energy plans that are good for the planet and good for your budget.

Do you have any customer incentives?

When you switch to AEP Energy, you can earn Reward Dollars to use in our AEP Energy Reward Store. The Reward Store lets you shop for energy-efficient products that can lower your monthly payment even more. Other companies may offer gift cards up front while charging higher rates.