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Natural gas rates that support your comfort.

If you’re in Ohio, switch to an AEP Energy natural gas fixed-rate plan. It comes with prices you can be sure of, backed by a company you know. So you get the comfort that comes with knowing what to expect.

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Why AEP Energy

More than a great rate

AEP Energy is a Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Provider in Ohio.
AEP Energy natural gas customers get power and freedom. Our plans have no early termination fees. So you can cancel your contract whenever you want. Though you’ll probably stay for the service and rewards.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Know what to expect per cubic foot.

Competitive Pricing

Get prices based on current market rates.

Multiple Contract Lengths

Choose the length of service that fits your needs.

No Early Termination Fees

Cancel your contract without having to pay extra fees to do so.

Reward Dollars

Redeem for products that lower your energy costs even more.

How it Works

Natural Gas from AEP Energy. Service from your utility.

Switching to AEP Energy takes just minutes, and we’ll take care of everything else. We buy natural gas from producers. Then we work with your local utility company, who delivers your energy, reads your meter, does repairs, and sends your bills. You get the price and terms you prefer.

  • Choose a Plan

    Choose the plan that’s right for you based on price and duration.

  • Sign Up In Minutes

    Sign up online or over the phone by providing a few pieces of information.

  • Seamless Process

    Once you’re approved, we do all the work to switch you, and we notify you of your approximate start date.

  • No New Bills

    Nothing changes about your natural gas delivery and you still get the same bill from your local utility.

How to Shop for Natural Gas

Choosing the best natural gas supplier

If you want to make the right purchase decision when shopping for a natural gas supplier, here are the top 3 tips to consider.

  1. Know what you want: Figure out what’s most important to you. Are you looking for predictable rates, superior customer service or something else? Once you know what you need, make a list a compare it to the suppliers in your area.
  2. Know what you use: Take a look at your average gas usage. If you’ve just moved, consider asking for gas bills from the previous resident. Then, when you start looking at potential suppliers, you can estimate your potential monthly payments.
  3. Know what plan is best for you: Most companies have more than one natural gas plan. When you’re figuring out what’s best for you, there are 4 key elements to consider: the cost, whether it’s fixed rate or variable pricing, if there are extra fees and the possible discounts and rewards.

Things to avoid when shopping

When it comes to natural gas suppliers, there are a few choices out there. But there are also a few issues to consider. Here’s a list of things you’ll want to avoid.

See energy plans in your area:

Teaser offers

Be careful of introductory offers with low prices that last a month or two and then get raised significantly for the rest of the contract.

Termination fees

Watch out for companies that charge you outrageous fees to end your contract early.

Variable rates

Read the fine print before you sign up to make sure your rate is locked in for the length of your contract.

Contract length

Choose a term that works for you, while being aware that some low-cost, short-term contracts can end right before higher rates begin.

Natural gas companies in Ohio

AEP Energy is a retail natural gas supplier available in most of Ohio including Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Delaware County, Marysville & Union County, Northeast Ohio, and most of the places in between.

The following local utility companies provide the distribution and transmission of natural gas in Ohio.

CenterPoint Energy (formerly Vectren)

Headquartered in Houston TX, CenterPoint Energy is a domestic energy company with over 9,000 employees. CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas to over 4 million homes and businesses in six states - Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and Texas. CenterPoint Energy merged with Vectren Corporation in 2018; the company was known as Vectren in Ohio until May 2021.

Duke Energy

With roots dating back to 1904 in South Carolina, Duke Energy has grown to serve more than 1.6 million natural gas customers across North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. As a Fortune 150 company, Duke Energy currently employs over 28,000 people and offers a variety of both natural gas and electricity services to suit residential utility needs.

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy to nearly 7 million customers across 15 states. Dominion Energy’s services within the state of Ohio focus on the delivery of natural gas, meter-reading, responding to service and emergency needs, and more. In 2021, Dominion Energy customers had service 99.9% of the time, excluding major storms.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

Columbia Gas of Ohio is the largest natural gas provider in the state of Ohio. Columbia Gas of Ohio is headquartered in Ohio and is one of the six energy companies of NiSource.

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