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If you’re thinking about going green, take a look at AEP Energy. Our ECO-Advantage® plan offers environmentally-friendly options with no additional costs or equipment to buy. It’s simple and clean.

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ECO-Advantage® plans come with fixed rates, no early termination fees, and the same monthly bill from your local utility. And, you’ll earn Reward Dollars to redeem in AEP Energy Reward Store! They also match 100% of your usage with Green-e® Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which can help reduce conventional electricity generation. So, you get great options while doing good for the planet.


Make an impact. Choose green energy.

AEP Energy makes it easy to go green with our ECO-Advantage® plan. This eco-friendly plan matches a percentage of your electricity usage with national Green-e® Energy certified wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)[1]. By purchasing a REC-based plan, you are supporting renewable electricity production without the cost or time commitment required of other green energy options.

We are proud to partner with Green-e, the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. Green-e certifies that our renewable energy plan meets the highest environmental and consumer protection standards.

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Green plan options. Small carbon footprint.

  • Renewable Energy Support

    Match 100% of your energy use with national Green-e Energy certified wind Renewable Energy Certificates

  • Planet-Friendly Feeling

    Feel good knowing that your plan can help out the planet.

  • Fixed-Fee Plans

    Know what to expect per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

  • Competitive Pricing

    Get prices based on current market rates.

  • No Early Termination Fees

    Cancel your contract without having to pay fees.

  • Reward Dollars

    Redeem for products that lower your energy costs even more.


A clear road to clean energy.

When you shop for a renewable energy supplier, there are a few things to think about. Here is a brief list of key items to consider.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy, or “green” energy, comes from natural sources that are infinite and constantly replenished, like sunlight and wind.

Does renewable energy make a difference?

It does, and the Environmental Protection Agency has developed a calculator that helps you see how.

What factors affect renewable energy prices?

The factors that affect pricing for green energy include product type, amount purchased, supply and demand, enrollment term and more.

Are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) available?

If you live in a deregulated state, RECs make it possible to enroll in a renewable energy supply even if your local utility doesn’t offer green energy. AEP Energy offers a number of products and plans.

Things to Avoid

Shop for a smart future.

You have options when it comes to choosing a green energy supplier. However, not every option is good. Here are a few problems to avoid. Because the planet matters, and so does the way you shop for energy.

  1. Certified RECs: Make sure a company’s renewable plan is backed by certified RECs, which verifies that the renewable energy is generated from new facilities and verifies product quality and ownership.
  2. Teaser offers: Be careful of introductory offers with low prices that last a month or two and then get raised significantly for the rest of the contract.
  3. Termination fees: Watch out for companies that charge you outrageous fees to end your energy supply contract early.
  4. Variable rates: Read the fine print before you sign up to make sure your rate is locked in for the length of your contract.

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