Energy Resource Guide

Keep your business in the know with our Energy Resource Guide. Here you can access historical energy market information so you make smart energy decisions for the future.

Knowledge is power.

At AEP Energy, we know it’s critical for your business to make smart energy decisions to run your business successfully. We also know that past market trends and data are critical to make smart energy decisions for the future. Our Energy Resource Guide provides you with a comprehensive range of historical energy market information, including capacity, transmission and spot REC prices over the last several years.

We hope you find AEP Energy’s Energy Resource Guide helpful as your business navigates 2023.

Historical Energy Market Data

Click on each link to find resourceful historical energy market information.



AD Hub Pricing

Spot REC Prices

LMP Prices

Important Dates for Your Calendar in 2023

Be prepared and stay ahead of key dates including capacity auction dates for PJM and Natural Gas – Henry Hub monthly settlement prices. As a handy reminder, you can add these dates to your calendar by selecting one of the items below and clicking on each “iCal” link.

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        • December 29, 2023: iCal

Additional Resources


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Advice and tips for energy use

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