Government aggregation. The power of community.

AEP Energy serves government aggregation programs in Ohio and Illinois that can help communities lower their energy costs by pooling together the purchasing power of residents and small businesses. AEP Energy can also provide communities 100% local renewable energy solutions.

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Government aggregation program eligibility.

Although most residents and small businesses will qualify for their community’s government aggregation program, not everybody is eligible to join because of state rules. To find out if you are eligible, click the button below.

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Benefits your government aggregation program can provide.

AEP Energy government aggregation programs can provide unique benefits beyond a low price.

Purchasing Power

Volume buying helps your community get better pricing.

Reward Store

Earn Reward Dollars to purchase energy efficiency products.

Budget Billing

Level what you pay for energy each month.

Clean Energy

100% clean energy.

Net Metering

Earn net metering credits from your solar system.

No Penalty

Residents and small business cancel anytime without penalty.

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Government aggregation program enrollment.

Aggregation enrollment is easy. If you want to join, visit the link below or call our Customer Care Team toll free at 1-877-726-0214.

My community is interested in government aggregation.

If you would like more information regarding AEP Energy’s government aggregation programs, please submit an inquiry for your community through the link below to contact one of our expert representatives.

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