Three Simple Ways to Optimize Your Business’ Energy Plan

Oftentimes when businesses are deciding what to do for their energy supply it comes down to two factors – cost and control. Partnering with an energy supplier, like AEP Energy, allows you to check those boxes by offering budget stability and the option to pick an energy plan that works for your business.

Once you’re an AEP Energy small business customer there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you get the most from your business’ energy plan.

  • Take advantage of AEP Energy programs and services. As an AEP Energy small business customer, you have access to programs and services designed to help you get the most out of your energy plan. Whether it’s our Peak Advisory Service that can help you save by reducing your energy usage or custom energy reporting to gain insight into how your business uses energy, be sure to take advantage of our offerings designed for you.   
  • Lock in your natural gas rate. Is your business located in Ohio? If so, you can enjoy the same benefits as our Firm Price Plan for electricity for your business’ natural gas too! If you’re an Ohio customer, you can secure a fixed rate for your natural gas by enrolling in our natural gas plan.
  • Be proactive with your account renewal. Your Account Manager takes many steps to ensure you have an easy account renewal when your AEP Energy contract expires. However, renewing your account prior to your contract end date allows you to have more control over the rate and term for your business’ energy supply, especially when market prices are low. Reach out to your Account Manager for more details about your business’ renewal.

Picking AEP Energy as your trusted energy supplier is a great first step, but it’s not the only one. Make sure to take advantage of options available to you to help you optimize your business’ energy plan.

If you’re already an AEP Energy customer and would like to learn more about the information listed above, contact our Account Management team at 1-888-924-7111. If you’d like to get started with AEP Energy, contact our Small Business Energy Consultants at 1-877-648-1936.

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