Holiday Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

Lights, inflatables, colder temperatures – oh my!

As the holiday season approaches, many businesses will choose to decorate their business over the next few months. Fortunately, adding additional lights and decorations to your business doesn’t have to increase your energy spend. Here are a few energy efficiency tips to help you keep your energy costs down during the holiday season.

Use LED lights. Just like the lights you use inside your business, light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use much less energy than traditional lights. In fact, according to ENERGY STAR®, LEDs produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than regular incandescent lightbulbs1. Not only could this save money on your energy bill during the holiday months, you likely won’t need to replace your holiday lights as often because they’ll last longer.

Use a light timer. Holiday lights and decorations look great, but they don’t need to be on and consuming energy when no one is around to see them. Using a timer that automatically turns off lights or decorations is an easy way to make sure these energy consumers are turned off every night or when your business is closed. These timers can be used for indoor decorations, as well.

Consider alternative decorations. There are plenty of holiday decorations that don’t require energy. Using these types of decorations is a simple way to cut costs.

Closing your business over the holidays? Unplug! Unplugging appliances that aren’t in use while your business is closed during the holidays saves energy. Also make sure that your large appliances and electronics are turned off.

Practicing these energy efficient habits can help keep dollars in your pocket this holiday season. If you have any questions, you can contact our account management team at 1-888-924-7111 or Happy Holidays!



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