We are a certified retail energy supplier.

As a retail supplier of electricity and natural gas, we buy bulk energy from the source and sell it directly to consumers at a competitive rate. We serve homeowners, small businesses and commercial & industrial customers in this manner.


Our Mission

Our mission is about doing what’s right.

We believe in doing the right thing every time—for our customers, each other and our future.

  • We Energize Others

    Our goal is to motivate, to activate, to be a hub of what the future holds. Our tone is always hopeful, based on what’s possible.

  • We Look Forward

    We are experts in our industry, so we have a responsibility to guide and advise our customers and communities.

  • We Speak As People

    Our voice isn’t corporate; it is connected to the day-to-day involvement of our employees and our customers as we live and work within our communities.

  • We're Authentic

    Our words are genuine and true. People can trust what we say because we speak from realistic, yet optimistic viewpoint.

Fast Facts

More about us

  • We operate in 27 service territories across Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C.

  • We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP), one of
    the United States’ largest electric energy companies

  • We are backed by our parent company American Electric Power (AEP), with
    more than
    100 years of energy experience in the United States

  • We earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on customer feedback, agency insights and public data

Wind and Solar energy

Our Culture

We believe in doing the right thing every time – for our customers, each other and our future.

We value integrity, honesty, and teamwork. We hold ourselves to a high standard so our customers to do not have to. Our vision is powering a new and brighter future for our customers and communities through marketing and communication initiatives that create brand awareness of our products, services and energy expertise. AEP Energy is committed to our customers and communities to provide energy solutions, value and innovation.

  • For Our Customers

    Deliver value · Be easy to work with · Strengthen our communities · Connect with our customers

  • For Our Future

    Be adaptable · Grow our business · Protect our environment · Stay curious and innovate

  • For Each Other

    Be accountable · Embrace diversity · Pursue Zero Harm · Assume positive intent

leadership and bios

Our leaders

With the help of our unparalleled leadership team, we remain one of the U.S.’s foremost energy suppliers.

Greg Hall

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Greg oversees AEP’s competitive business which focuses on customer centric sustainable solutions. Whether it’s residential, small business, larger commercial/industrial or even wholesale customers, the business crafts energy commodity solutions with asset solutions that can provide resilient, reliable, often sustainable and clean assets to customer facilities at lower cost.

Previously, he was president of AEP Energy Partners. In this role, he was responsible for building the competitive wholesale, retail, onsite solutions and universal scale renewables businesses for AEP. In 2006, his team started AEP Energy Partners which manages the competitive wholesale marketing and trading business which focuses on bespoke commodity solutions for wholesale customers. In 2010, his team started AEP Energy, the competitive retail business serving residential, commercial and industrial loads in deregulated states. In 2014, the team started AEP Onsite Partners focusing on building asset solutions such as solar, energy storage, fuel cells, reciprocating engines, substations and other technologies on or near customer sites. Lastly, in 2015 the team initiated its universal scale renewables business focused primarily on development, ownership and operation of large scale wind and solar plants throughout the United States. Prior to that, he held positions of increasing responsibility with the Commercial Operations group, including vice president – energy marketing. He began his career at AEP as a research associate, AEP Service Corporation in 1997.

He holds a master of arts degree in geography from The Ohio State University and a bachelor of science degree in geography from Brigham Young University. Greg currently serves on the board of the American Clean Power Association, the national clean energy industry group, and Flying Horse Farms, a camp focused on providing holistic healing for children with major medical issues and their families.

Scott Slisher

Sr. Vice President, Competitive Customer Solutions

Scott is responsible for leading the strategic execution of customer solutions and business development using our retail and wholesale energy platforms, behind the meter assets, and energy services.  The solutions vary from standard products to fully customized solutions with our wholesale and retail customers.

With 30 years in the energy industry, Scott has an extensive breadth and depth of experience.  He has served in a variety of roles at AEP as well as NiSource,
Integrys Energy Services, and Solargenix Energy.  Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a
Master of Business Administration from Indiana University. Scott is a registered professional engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Amber Ruby

Vice President, Retail Operations

Amber is vice president, retail operations for AEP Energy. She is responsible for AEP Energy’s operational and sales enablement teams. Under her purview, Amber leads the teams focused on contract management, billing, business technology, account planning, sales operations, and client support.  Her teams focus on delivering a superior customer experience for all our AEP Energy customers.

Amber has worked in the energy industry both in regulated and deregulated capacities for nearly 20 years.   Amber has held a variety of leadership positions serving residential, small business, commercial, and industrial customers.  Prior to her current role she was the vice president, retail customer solutions for AEP Energy. Her teams facilitate AEP Energy’s development and delivery of customized and scalable energy solutions across a wide array of industrial categories and geographical locations.

Amber is an AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) Certified Energy Manager and Certified Energy Procurement Professional.  She is an alumni of the Leadership Ohio Class of 2015 and is a member of Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) and Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP).  Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Management, both with a focus on Project Management from Colorado Technical University.  She earned her master’s in business administration from Ohio University.

Amber and her husband, Shannon, have two sons and live in Tipp City, Ohio.

Frank Willson

Vice President, Residential and Small Business Solution Sales

Frank is responsible for the Residential and Small Business Solution Sales teams at AEP Energy. His team manages a variety of sales channels including Field Sales, Direct Mail, eCommerce, Municipal Aggregation, Inbound Telemarketing, as well as Account Management and Renewal/Retention.

Frank was named to his current position in 2015. Prior to that he was the vice president of marketing upon joining the company in 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts from Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.

Adam Kirk

Vice President, Risk Management, Pricing & Deal Design

Adam is responsible for the company’s pricing, transaction structuring, risk management and deal desk functions. At AEP, Adam also managed the company’s financial planning and analysis team, has extensive leadership experience focusing on risk management, and has previously held positions in energy trading.

With over 15 years in the energy industry, Adam’s additional experience includes commodities valuation and finance roles at Morgan Stanley in New York. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ohio University, as well as a Master of Business Administration in Finance from The Ohio State University.

George Deljevic

Vice President, Energy Services, AEP Energy

George leads AEP Energy’s Energy Services, which provides landscape and opportunity assessment, strategy development, project execution and program management services related to energy supply management, sustainability and renewables, efficiency and technology, energy demand management and energy usage and cost management.

George has extensive experience in all aspects of the retail energy industry, having held a variety of leadership and contributory roles in both large-scale and pure start-up operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Brian Whitlatch

Vice President, Asset Development and Origination

Brian is responsible for wholesale, retail, and renewable marketing for AEP’s competitive businesses as well as development for behind-the-meter energy projects. His primary focus is helping his team offer competitive energy solutions to wholesale and retail energy customers. His team is also responsible for procuring wind, solar, and battery power purchase agreements for AEP’s competitive retail company to meet the needs of their customers.

Prior to his current position, he was responsible for AEPEP’s ERCOT energy trading, marketing, emissions and RECs trading, as well as load and asset management. He holds a Master of Business Administration from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Psychology from Denison University.

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