Get good energy and do good for the planet.

The Ohio State University and AEP Energy have partnered to bring good energy to Buckeye Nation! We’re providing an opportunity for you to go green by enrolling in a 100% renewable energy plan for your home with AEP Energy.

As local utility rates increased in June 2023, by up to 50% in some utilities, now is the time to lock-in a low fixed price plan to save money on your electricity bills while doing good for the environment. Enroll now to get in on the savings and protect your bills from rising utility rates!

Be in the know and read more about the rate increases for customers in the AEP Ohio and FirstEnergy Ohio service areas. PUCO is also encouraging consumers to explore energy choice options ahead of rate increases here.

Select the Utility that Services Your Home to Enroll:

Be sure to have your recent bill and/or account information handy. You will need this to enroll.

AEP Ohio


Duke Energy

FirstEnergy Utilities

If you are a current AEP Energy customer and would like to enroll in this 100% renewable energy plan, please call us at 1-866-258-3782.

Sustainability achieved as a team

Your energy plan makes a difference

Choose a renewable energy plan from AEP Energy and do good for the planet. Plus, with our plans, you’ll start earning Reward Dollars each month to redeem in AEP Energy Reward Store for energy efficient products just for being a customer. In fact, you’ll earn 40% more Reward Dollars each month through this unique partnership when you enroll using the links below. It’s a win-win for your home and the environment!

  • Renewable Energy Support

    Match 100% of your energy use with national Green-e Energy certified wind Renewable Energy Certificates

  • Planet-Friendly Feeling

    Feel good knowing that your plan can help out the planet.

  • Fixed-Fee Plans

    Know what to expect per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

A clear road to clean energy.

When you shop for a renewable energy supplier, there are a few things to think about. Here is a brief list of key items to consider.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy, or “green” energy, comes from natural sources that are infinite and constantly replenished, like sunlight and wind.

Does renewable energy make a difference?

It does, and the Environmental Protection Agency has developed a calculator that helps you see how.

What factors affect renewable energy prices?

The factors that affect pricing for green energy include product type, amount purchased, supply and demand, enrollment term and more.

Are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) available?

If you live in a deregulated state, RECs make it possible to enroll in a renewable energy supply even if your local utility doesn’t offer green energy. AEP Energy offers a number of products and plans.

Enrolling is fast and easy.

AEP Energy not only offers protected rates and loyalty rewards. We also provide hassle-free signup. You can do it online in just a few short minutes.

  • Choose a Plan

    Choose the plan that’s right for you based on price, duration and renewable energy options.

  • Sign Up In Minutes

    Sign up online or over the phone by providing a few pieces of information.

  • Seamless Process

    Once you’re approved, we do all the work to switch you, and we notify you of your approximate start date.

  • No New Bills

    Nothing changes about your electricity delivery and you still get the same bill from your local utility.

From the blog

Advice and tips for energy use

We’re committed to powering a brighter future for our customers and the places they live. Read our blog to learn more about how we do the right thing every time.

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What is the Price to Compare?


There are several components that make up the amount you are charged on your energy bill. One you’ve probably heard about is the “Price to Compare” rate or PTC, but what is it, exactly? The Price to Compare rate is the price that local utility is charging (per kWh) for the generation portion of your …

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We understand that there’s a lot of information on your energy bill. As your trusted energy supplier, we want to make sure you understand key terms found on your energy bill, as well as the charges you’re paying each month. Terms to Know Below are a few key terms that might appear on your bill: …

Understanding Electricity Pricing


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Industry Overview

How does Energy Choice work?

  • In the old days, the same company that generated energy also delivered it. That led to monopolies, which affected prices and service.

  • Many states passed rules that separated the energy producers, suppliers, and deliverers. This helped eliminate monopolies.

  • A limited number of companies in the U.S. generate electricity from raw materials. These producers sell that energy to suppliers.

  • Suppliers, like AEP Energy, buy energy from producers so customers have access to more options. They work with local utilities to deliver that energy to your home.

  • No matter which supplier you choose, your local utility company uses its lines and pipes to deliver your energy. They also read meters, do repairs and send your bills.

  • Access to multiple suppliers means you have the power to select a company that provides the service, price, and innovation you prefer.


Why do Ohioans choose AEP Energy?

AEP Energy is an electricity provider that serves hundreds of thousands of customers in Ohio. Read what some of our customers have to say about their experience.

AEP Energy was really easy to sign up with. They offer a longer term contract which I find to be very convenient and there is no fee if you decide to switch providers. They offered the lowest price that I found and the reps are super nice and very knowledgeable.

Crystal S. Lancaster, OH

I am a single mom, and I don’t make much money, so it was great to hear I can save on my energy bills! Plus, renewable energy means that my daughter can have a cleaner environment to grow in!!

Heather M. Grandview Heights, OH

I chose AEP Energy several years ago because they offered a 100% Green Energy wind generated electrical package. I refuse to buy coal, natural gas or nuclear generated electricity because of the huge environmental impacts. Imagine my surprise when I also saved money. Green energy and more money in my pocket. What a wonderful deal.

Julie R. Worthington, OH

I chose AEP Energy several years ago because I learned from GEO magazine that I could get my electricity from a renewable source (wind) through them. They have been VERY easy to work with, and I have recommended them to many of my friends, who are also interested in using renewables. Their contract prices have been competitive with non-renewable energy sources. I was thrilled to have this option in Central Ohio.

Katharine H. Columbus, OH

Looking for savings? AEP Energy offers the best rate in the market compared to other energy suppliers, and their customer service is excellent. It’s nice to see your monthly bill getting reduced drastically by just selecting the proper plan from AEP Energy, instead of getting billed at market price. If you are looking to reduce your electricity/gas bill, take a look at AEP Energy prices and go for it.

Saleem M. New Albany

We have been with AEP Energy for years now and have not considered leaving, their pricing is always great and if you want to leave for some reason there is no contract fee. One bill for all is also the reason I like it.

Robyn S. Dublin, OH

What a fantastic experience! Honestly, who really thinks of their electricity provider?? Your Enrollment Specialist (Flo) made the process totally enjoyable. She is extremely friendly and offered good advice. She also responded to all my questions.

David W. Columbus, OH