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AEP Energy’s Renewable Energy by the Numbers


AEP Energy is committed to supporting renewable energy and making it easy for our customers to go green. We’re proud that an increasing number of customers are enrolling in renewable energy plans. Stats by the numbers In 2015, 2% of customers enrolled in a renewable energy plan as compared to 20% of customers today. In …

What to Do When a Power Outage Occurs

Small Business

Stormy weather is an inevitable part of spring and summer for many parts of the U.S. These storms can sometimes cause power outages, which can interrupt operations and cause headaches for many small businesses. We can’t change the weather, so it’s important to be prepared and know what to do when a power outage occurs.   …

Easy Renewable Energy Tips to Make Your Home Spring Green


The phrase “renewable energy” often brings with it the thought of acres of solar arrays and wind turbines. But accessible renewable energy for individual homes is available on a much smaller scale and though you may decide to install solar panels on your home, “going green” doesn’t require it. These tips will show you easy …

The Future of Transmission Costs and How it Impacts Your Organization


Previous issues of Customer Insights provided a transmission service overview, explaining how transmission is regionally administered and affects customer bills, as well as tips on transmission service cost management. In this issue of Customer Insights, we will dive a little deeper into what factors drive transmission cost. How transmission costs are billed Most energy buyers …

Celebrate Earth Day Safely!


This year, the theme of Earth Day, chosen by EarthDay.Org, is “Restore Our Earth”. And as we celebrate on Thursday, April 22, it’s a good time to consider the connection we have to nature, plants and the land and a great reminder to take care of our planet. Earth Day has a long and rich …

Common Myths About Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is a hot topic these days. Most of us want to be more energy-efficient, decrease our carbon footprint and live in a way that responsibly helps the environment. But is “going green” actually helping? Let’s look at three common myths about renewable energy to find out. Myth: I don’t live near a renewable …

Smart Energy Meters 101

Small Business

Like many tools and equipment, energy meters are getting a modern upgrade. Increasingly, traditional analog energy meters are being swapped out with new smart meters. But what is a smart meter and how does it work? Read this blog to learn more and discover how your business could benefit. What is a smart meter? Traditional …

AEP Energy Values: Transparency


AEP Energy operates under a series of core values that guide our business. Transparency is at the top of the list. We believe that transparency is the key to trust and that trust is at the base of a good customer experience. This blog outlines a few of the ways we are transparent with our …

Making a Difference: AEP Energy Field Sales Stories


At AEP Energy, we believe a good customer experience makes a difference, and even during these unprecedented times, we have the ability to make a positive impact on our customers and our communities. In this blog, we highlight one of our valued team members and how she makes a difference in the communities she serves. …