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Great Natural Gas Rates for Northeast Ohio Citizens.

Northeast Ohio has energy choice. Make a smart switch. Choose AEP Energy, a Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Provider.

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Why AEP Energy?

Instead of paying fluctuating utility rates, with AEP Energy, you’ll receive:

  • Fixed-rate pricing for the duration of the plan you choose
  • Competitive pricing based on current market rates
  • Same reliable service at a better price
  • No cancellation fees if you are not 100% satisfied
  • Reward Dollars to use in AEP Energy Reward Store

Believe it.

Your neighbor may live only a few feet away, but their natural gas rates may be far different than yours. Why is their price plan different? They’re using AEP Energy as their Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Provider.

Many people in the Northeast Ohio area have saved money with AEP Energy. That’s because changing your natural gas supplier to AEP Energy takes only a few moments and is incredibly easy. We promise.

When you choose AEP Energy, you get secure natural gas prices along with the same bill and service from your local utility. Plus, we protect you from potentially volatile and fluctuating natural gas rates by selling power at market-based prices. So you get a fixed price, no early termination fees and peace of mind.

You have the power to choose your natural gas supplier, and you can trust AEP Energy. We are one of the largest and oldest energy companies in the United States, and we are committed to total customer satisfaction.

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Northeast Ohio Has the Power to Choose Its Energy Supplier.

Whether you’re near Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Akron Zoo, the National Packard Museum, or Kent State University, there is an AEP Energy plan that’s right for your location.

The Natural Gas Supplier Serving the Northeast Ohio Region.

AEP Energy is proud to be a Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Provider for Akron, Canton, and other communities in the area. AEP Energy is also a Competitive Retail Electric Service Supplier for the Northeast Ohio area as well.

Energy deregulation in the area has given homeowners in counties like Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark, Summit, and Trumbull County to take greater control of their energy costs. This means they can find and select an energy supplier and plan that best meets their energy needs instead of buying just from the local utility.

Families in the area can warm their homes in the winter and cool them in the summer, while relying on budget certainty and stable energy rates from AEP Energy. While they prepare their next meal or start their fireplace in the winter, families can rest easy knowing their appliances will run reliably and homes will be comfortable all year round.

AEP Energy offers natural gas plans to almost every town in the region, including: Ashland, Youngstown, Alliance, Kent, Canton, Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Barberton, Green, Hudson, Niles, Twinsburg, North Canton, Streetsboro, Aurora, Tallmadge, Ashtabula, Cleveland and many more.

The Northeast Ohio area provides residents of each of these cities, and areas in between, a number of competing energy companies, allowing the people a chance to pick the supplier that fits their needs. AEP Energy has price plans that are among the most competitive.

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Natural Gas Companies in the Northeast Ohio Area.

The following natural gas companies provide the distribution and transmission of natural gas in the Northeast Ohio region.

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy to nearly 7 million customers across 15 states. Dominion Energy’s services within the state of Ohio focus on the delivery of natural gas, meter-reading, responding to service and emergency needs, and more. In 2021, Dominion Energy customers had service 99.9% of the time, excluding major storms.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

As one of Ohio’s leading energy companies, Columbia Gas of Ohio is the largest natural gas provider in the state. With headquarters in Columbus, Columbia Gas of Ohio currently employs nearly 1,000 professionals who support 1.4 million customers. Columbia Gas of Ohio is one of the six energy companies of NiSource, which together deliver energy to nearly 4 million customers.

Why Northeast Ohio Chooses AEP Energy.

AEP Energy customers in Northeast Ohio are very pleased. Read what they have to say.

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I first heard of AEP energy through friends. They are very eco friendly. I also like the fact that I would be doing something for the environment, so I listened to them and have been pleased. The people at AEP have always been kind to deal with, and seem very knowledgeable about the product and the pricing. I have recommended this company to several friends.

Kathleen S.
Akron, OH

Kathleen S. Akron, OH

AEP Energy has a good price without fees or cancellation fees. It was a very user-friendly process and friendly, nice, easy experience to enroll.

George Y. Alliance, OH

I signed up for AEP Energy on the Energy Ohio website. The enrollment process was very easy. I received a confirmation card in the mail a few days ago and called to confirm the terms of my contract. With the push of one button, I was speaking to an actual live person! She answered all my questions promptly and courteously in a matter of minutes. So glad I’ll be with AEP Energy.

William M. Akron, OH

The person helping me was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She was very patient and helpful.

Theresa, H. Alliance, OH

Good pricing and contract lengths to choose from with no early cancellation fees. Very easy to sign up for.

-Beth F. Akron, OH

Frequently Asked Questions


  • If you are moving to a new home or apartment, call your local utility to place a disconnect order and arrange for service at the new location. Then contact one of our Customer Care Representatives toll free at 1-866-258-3782 or by completing the contact form here to let us know your plans. Although you can’t transfer your agreement to the new location, you can sign up your new location under a new agreement if it is within a service area that we serve. Click here to see what markets we serve.

  • Many price plans do not include an early termination fee, however, please refer to your service agreement for cancellation provisions.

  • Many consumers have the power to choose an electricity and natural gas supplier, like AEP Energy. If your home is located in a deregulated state, you can choose who supplies your generation and transmission services and what price you pay for it. This allows you to choose the supply plan and contract length that works for you. To learn more about how energy choice works and its benefits, click here.


  • No. Most Public Utilities Commissions have only allowed investor owned utilities to participate in electric choice. Municipal electric cooperatives do not participate in electric choice.

  • Eligibility rules for assistance programs can vary by state and/or utility. Please contact your local utility for more information. In Ohio, unfortunately customers currently enrolled in PIPP or PIPP Plus are not eligible to enroll with AEP Energy.

  • Unfortunately, if you owe money to the local utility, you are not eligible to enroll with AEP Energy until your balance has been paid.

  • No, AEP Energy will take care of notifying the local utility. Enrolling with AEP Energy does not eliminate or cancel your current local utility service. You will remain a customer of your current local utility as they will continue to read your meter, send you one bill that contains all of your charges and provide maintenance and emergency services.

  • In most cases, your service will begin on the next available meter-read date after your local utility accepts your enrollment. This typically takes up to 45-75 days after we receive your enrollment form.

  • Switching fees are a cost imposed by your local utility (with the exception of Pennsylvania) that you may incur as a result of changing suppliers. However, AEP Energy will cover those charges. Please note – switching fees should not be confused with early termination fees. Many price plans do not include an early termination fee, however, please carefully review the terms and conditions of your contract.

  • Many of our price plans do not have an early termination fee if you cancel prior to the end of your agreement. However, please carefully review the terms and conditions of your contract.

  • Yes, our price plans will require that you enter into a contract. Your agreement will outline the terms and conditions including your price and term length, as well as cancellation and renewal provisions.

  • You will need to provide AEP Energy with your account name and service address as listed on your utility bill, as well as your utility account number. Some utilities use various forms of account numbers or identifiers for their customers. Click here to use our Utility Number Reference Guide to help you find your utility account number and identify what type of information to provide AEP Energy.

  • It’s easy to enroll with AEP Energy! Simply enroll online by browsing the price plans for your area or give us a call at 1-855-300-7192.