Who is AEP Energy?

Who is AEP Energy

In short, we are your trusted energy supplier.  AEP Energy is a certified competitive retail supplier, and a subsidiary of our parent company, American Electric Power.  Founded in 2002, AEP Energy has been helping customers save money and use energy more efficiently by doing the right thing every time, for every customer.

Energy Expertise

As a subsidiary of American Electric Power, many of today’s AEP Energy leadership team came from our parent company, thus allowing us to have the resources of over 100 years of energy experience, knowledge, and expertise.  Even though AEP Energy is a separate entity under the umbrella of American Electric Power, the core values and ethics of our parent company flow into and are intertwined with our culture and how we run our business.  These values come directly from the CEO of AEP, Nick Akins, and filter down into each of the 23 individual companies which make up today’s American Electric Power.


Sparked by the desire to do the right thing, AEP Energy strives to bring new energy options and efficiencies to our customers.  We aim to remain competitive in industry, not only with fair pricing, but also by providing excellent value propositions.

Energy Choice

As a competitive retail supplier, AEP Energy provides customers in deregulated states the option to choose a supplier for their energy needs.  Instead of being saddled with the ever-changing regulated prices of the local utility, customers within our service territories are able to shop for the best energy value proposition, including price, length of contract for a secure locked-in rate, renewable energy options which utilities typically don’t offer, all with the same reliable energy flow to your home or business.  Energy Choice doesn’t change where your electricity comes from or how it is transmitted to your home—the same electrons are delivered via the same power lines and the same utility maintains those lines and fixes power outages.  It simply means you have the option to go with different rates, terms, and all the other details which work better for you.

You can shop for the price plan that’s right for your home or business here!


AEP Energy believes that in order to do the right thing, every time, for every customer, and every employee, transparency is key.  It is an imperative ingredient for running an ethical and trustworthy business.  From the tiny details of each price plan, to what AEP Energy fees and charges you can see on your bill, and even more to the ease of locating our historical variable monthly rates, AEP Energy operates with integrity and because we believe in doing the right thing for everyone, transparency matters.

Doing the Right Thing

AEP Energy prides itself in many things, but especially in our community involvement.  Not only from a corporate standpoint, but right down to the individual employees, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve.  Whether it’s our Small Business Solutions team supporting a local 4-H project by buying a pig at the Hartford County Fair, our residential team cleaning up a park on Earth Day, or our employees donating toys to Children’s Hospital and preparing packages to send to our military personnel overseas for the holidays, “doing the right thing” is a core value in all of us.

(Devon Pannecouk, Manager of Small Business Solutions, and Marshall Goodman, Consultant of Small Business Solutions, supporting Licking County 4-H at the Hartford County Fair)


AEP Energy not only believes in doing the right thing for our customers, but we understand the value of our employees and know doing the right thing as a business includes them, as well.  If you’re interested in joining a great team with fantastic benefits in an environment where culture and inclusiveness is a priority, check us out!  We’re always interested in new talent and what you bring to the table.  All of our career opportunities are listed here!

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