A Restaurant’s Recipe for Going Green: Methods for Sustainability

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At a time when communities are concerned with environmental consciousness, restaurants have a unique opportunity to lead the change toward sustainability. There are many ways restaurants can minimize their footprint, from conserving energy to reducing food waste. Below is a list of methods for your restaurant to go green!

  1. Use Energy-Efficient Equipment: When purchasing restaurant equipment, opt for models that strive for energy conservation as opposed to non-efficient appliances. Using appliances like high-efficiency fryers and dish washers can save large amounts of money, long-term.
  2. Switch to LEDs: From the kitchen to the dining room, there are numerous opportunities for restaurants to improve energy efficiency. Installing LED lighting is a great way to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills for the building.
  3. Train Your Staff: Educate your staff on energy-saving practices. Simple habits like turning off lights and equipment when not in use can make a big difference. Teach them to keep the equipment clean and well-maintained. Simple tasks like cleaning refrigerator condenser coils can significantly boost energy efficiency.
  4. Embrace Water Conservation: Conserving water is essential for both environmental sustainability and cost savings. Restaurants can install water-efficient faucets, fix leaks promptly, and only serve water upon request. Additionally, capturing and reusing rainwater for landscaping or irrigation purposes can further reduce water consumption.
  5. Optimize Your Business’ Energy Plan: Choosing a renewable energy plan with an energy supplier, like AEP Energy, offers a variety of benefits, including helping your organization meet its sustainability goals, lessening your impact on the environment, stabilizing your electricity and ensuring renewable energy is added to the electricity grid. To take advantage of all options and offers, click here for more information.

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