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2022 Energy Overview: What’s Changed and What’s Ahead


Some may refer to the year 2022 as the “year of tumult” for energy markets. With unprecedented high natural gas pricing and volatility, including a run-up not seen since 2007-2008, the natural gas market is finally retreating from a 14-year high of approximately $10/MMBtu, currently at around $5/MMBtu (See Exhibit A). Similarly, U.S. power forward …

2021 Energy Market Reset


After a year of unprecedented events, the start of 2021 gives us a chance to check in on trends in the energy markets. Last year saw significant shifts in load, dips and spikes in natural gas prices, all-time low spot prices in the PJM power market, and an accelerating shift in the electricity generation mix. …

The Evolving Electricity Generation Mix


As we navigate uncertain times in our economy, we become more aware of the importance of basic needs, like electricity. Times of uncertainty can shine a spotlight on the concerns and priorities that will drive future planning decisions for businesses and for our electric grid. Resiliency, reliability and cost effectiveness guide the planning of electricity …

Levelized Cost of Energy: How Can This Benefit You?


As an energy buyer, you have choices when it comes to how you interact with the energy market. Understanding the fundamental risks and trends in energy generation can help you gauge risk and position your approach in a way that’s best for your organization, however often that’s easier said than done.   In today’s rapidly …

PJM and MISO: What You Should Know


The energy industry is evolving and complicated. As traditional coal-fired generation retires and new renewable energy takes its place, market administrators of wholesale power and grid operators must rethink methodologies to ensure reliability. The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM Interconnection (PJM), are both operators of regional transmission systems and provide access to wholesale …

The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market Forces?


January 2018 Edition: The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market Forces? Is it market rules or market forces driving challenges for coal-fired generators? Our industry expert will take a deep dive into these matters to help you better understand the cause and effect on energy prices. The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market …

Real-Time vs. Day-Ahead Pricing


December 2017 Edition: Real-Time vs. Day-Ahead Pricing LMP-based product structures have become referred to as “index”, centered around two major themes Day-Ahead and Real-Time LMP. In this edition, we explore the differences between these two hourly indexes. To Day-Ahead, or Real-Time, that is the question? Since the opening of the first competitive retail electric markets, there …