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Electric school buses bring air quality, climate, and grid resiliency benefits to communities. AEP Energy is ready to help you create a healthier, more sustainable environment for your students!

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From safety and attendance to recruitment and equity, your students will benefit from electric school buses.


Diesel School BusEmissions negatively impact student health, behavior, and academic performance1Loud noises increase behavioral issues and elevated emotional states2A loud, disruptive bus increases driver distraction3Minority communities are disproportionally exposed to higher levels of air pollution4
Electric School BusNo emissions improve the health of students and transportation staffStudents are calmer due to reduced noiseSuperior ride experience could help recruit and retain driversProvides opportunities for students directly impacted by social disadvantages

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AEP Energy is your turn-key resource for ESB projects.

Our team of experts will listen to your needs and goals, and work with you to identify the right solution for your schools, including design, procurement, build, capital, operation, and maintenance.

AEP Energy offers:

  • Investment capital to supplement grant award.
  • Evaluation and optimization of bus routes.
  • Location feasibility and economic viability study.
  • Cost optimization strategies.

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Just beginning your electric school bus journey?

AEP Energy is hosting a webinar: Do’s & Don’ts of Electric School Bus Conversion – A Panel Discussion on April 17.

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1 Gawryluk et al, Brief diesel exhaust exposure acutely impairs functional brain connectivity in humans: a randomized controlled crossover study, Environmental Heath (January 2023)
2 Dolf Zillman’s considerable work on Excitation Transfer Theory (2006), “Residual excitation from essentially any excited emotional reaction is capable of intensifying any other excited emotional reaction. The degree of intensification depends, of course, on the magnitude of residues prevailing at the time”.  In summary, quiet busses produce quiet children.
3 Virginia Tech Transportation Institution, Distracted Driving Awareness
4 Cordes, Rick, Schwartz, Do Long Bus Rides Drive Down Academic Outcomes? (December 2021), Annenberg Brown University