What to Do When a Power Outage Occurs

Stormy weather is an inevitable part of spring and summer for many parts of the U.S. These storms can sometimes cause power outages, which can interrupt operations and cause headaches for many small businesses. We can’t change the weather, so it’s important to be prepared and know what to do when a power outage occurs.  

  • Make a plan. Knowing what to do when a power outage occurs helps keep everyone safe and could help keep your business running while power is unavailable. Consider keeping a stock of supplies, such as flashlights and bottled water, in a central location and let your employees know where to find it. Investing in a backup generator could help keep important equipment running until power is restored. Also consider writing down or saving your local utility’s phone number so you don’t have to search for it. Whatever your plan is, make sure to communicate it to your employees and customers.   
  • Assess your surroundings. Can you see what issue is causing the outage? Are there any obvious dangers to avoid? Be sure to note any downed power lines. Stay away from the downed lines and anything they may touch. Never remove debris that’s located within ten feet of a power line. Take note of any potential issues when reporting the outage to your utility. 
  • Report the outage to your utility. While we are proud to supply your business’ energy, your local utility maintains the power lines that delivers energy to your business and is responsible for maintenance and emergency repairs.  If an outage has occurred, contact them as soon as possible and provide them with your assessment of the situation, including any downed lines. Follow the instructions provided by your utility until your power has been restored.  

While we can’t predict when a power outage will occur, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself, your employees, your customers and your business. Don’t forget to contact your energy utility if your business requires repairs or maintenance. If you are a current customer and have questions about power outages, call your Account Management Team at 1-888-924-7111.  If you’re interested in joining the AEP Energy family, click here

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