Tips for Renewing Your Account

When you enrolled with AEP Energy for your business’ energy supply, you selected a term length that works for your business – often 12, 24 or 36 months. Before that contract comes to an end, it’s important to begin considering renewing your account so you can continue to receive the benefits of working with AEP Energy.

Our Account Management Team takes many steps to ensure an easy account renewal for our customers, but there are a few things our customers can do to make the process as seamless as possible. In fact, renewing your account prior to your contract end date allows you to have more control over the rate and term for your business’ energy supply.

Here are a few tips for an easy account renewal:

  • Log into your AEP Energy online account to confirm that the billing address listed is correct and that you have an email address on file. If there’s no email address listed, contact your
    Account Manager to add one. This helps our Account Management Team reach you better with important information about your account renewal.
  • Keep an eye out for communications from our Account Management Team. Your Account Manager will review your account and select a competitive rate for your business based off current market prices.
  • You will receive a renewal offer 45-60 days prior to your contract end date. Not sure when your contract ends? You can check on your online account.
  • After you receive your renewal communication, just follow the instructions to ensure that your agreement with AEP Energy continues.
  • To make future renewals even easier, when you sign your contract, put a reminder in your phone or calendar of the contract end date and when it’s time to start considering a renewal.

While our Account Management Team is proactive with the renewal process, if you’d prefer to secure a renewal term earlier, just contact your account manager and they’ll find a renewal rate that works for you.

Our Account Management Team is happy to assist with any questions you may have or get you started with your renewal! Contact Erin or Phil at 888-924-7111 or

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