Who says that going green has to cost a lot of money?

I wish I could buy all or most of my produce from organic sources. However, since these fruits and vegetables are typically more expensive in the grocery stores, it seems my penny-pinching character always gets in the way. My experience is similar when trying to be eco-friendly or “green.” I am environmentally conscious and want to do the right thing for future generations, but my pocketbook is feeling the squeeze all too often these days. I find myself wondering how people can afford the premiums that are typically associated with buying green.
At AEP Energy, we want green to be affordable for everyone. That’s why we offer the ECO-AdvantageSM electricity plan. With this 100% wind electricity price plan, you’ll save some green (money, that is) and help the environment.

What is the ECO-AdvantageSM electricity plan?

AEP Energy’s ECO-AdvantageSM electricity plan is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional electricity plans. This renewable energy plan matches 100% of your electricity usage with national, Green-e® Energy certified, wind Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Green-e Energy, the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy, certifies that ECO-AdvantageSM meets the highest environmental and consumer protection standards.

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

A REC is the environmental attribute associated with the generation of one megawatt hour of renewable energy. Each REC embodies different characteristics, such as environmental, economic and social benefits, depending on the generation facility. For example, wind power can be associated with avoided emissions. Buying RECs provide environmental benefits because they support the development of renewable energy generation resources. Renewable energy resources have lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional energy resources. You can find more details about RECs from the EPA here.

Why Choose Renewable Energy?

Produced from 100% abundant wind power in the United States, AEP Energy’s ECO-AdvantageSM electricity plan delivers value to customers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting the development of renewable energy generation resources
  • Helping to sustain a cleaner environment
  • Promoting energy independence

Your Experts in Electricity Savings®.

AEP Energy has been a retail electricity provider since 2004, and is a subsidiary of American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP). AEP Energy helps customers save money by offering competitive electricity pricing options for homes and businesses in deregulated electric utility markets. In Ohio, AEP Energy serves customers in the following utility territories: AEP Ohio, Duke Energy Power, Dayton Power & Light, Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison and The Illuminating Company.
So what are you waiting for? Get green today without feeling the pinch. For more information about the ECO-AdvantageSM electricity plan or to enroll, visit aepenergy.com or call 1-866-258-3782. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements, call 1-888-63-GREEN or log on to www.green-e.org.

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