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The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market Forces?


January 2018 Edition: The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market Forces? Is it market rules or market forces driving challenges for coal-fired generators? Our industry expert will take a deep dive into these matters to help you better understand the cause and effect on energy prices. The Downfall of Coal: Market Rules or Market …

Real-Time vs. Day-Ahead Pricing


December 2017 Edition: Real-Time vs. Day-Ahead Pricing LMP-based product structures have become referred to as “index”, centered around two major themes Day-Ahead and Real-Time LMP. In this edition, we explore the differences between these two hourly indexes. To Day-Ahead, or Real-Time, that is the question? Since the opening of the first competitive retail electric markets, there …

Ancillary Services – Understanding the Basics


September 2017 Edition: Ancillary Services – Understanding the Basics  Have you ever heard the words “ancillary services” referred to in the electric industry and wondered just what does this mean?  Read about the most expensive and significant of these services to help give you a better understanding of what is included in these cost components …

On-Site Solar: Is it for you?


May 2017 Edition: On-Site Solar: Is it for you? Are you considering on-site solar to reduce costs and secure energy prices for the future? AEP Energy Customer Insights provides an overview of solar systems, factors to consider, and steps to get you started. On-Site Solar: Is it for you? Commercial and industrial organizations are looking beyond …

Demand Cost Management


April 2017 Edition: Demand Cost Management – Did you know that demand-based cost components make up 20 to 40% of your total electricity cost? AEP Energy Customer Insights explores demand-based costs to help you make smart energy supply purchasing decisions. Demand Cost Management  Did you know that demand-based cost components make up twenty to forty percent of …

Understanding Energy-based vs. Demand-based Cost Components


January/February 2017 Edition: Let’s review Demand-based vs. Energy-based cost components. Did you know spending a few minutes to better understand how energy purchasing works and the various components of energy supply costs can help your business reduce its energy spend significantly? Understanding Energy-based vs. Demand-based Cost Components Although choosing a reputable retail energy supplier is essential, …

Transmission Services: How Does This Affect You?


September 2016 Edition: Transmission is one of the many electric service components affecting energy prices for consumers, contributing to roughly 8% of your overall energy costs and in some regions of the United States it has reached as high as 30%. Most alarming, transmission costs throughout the country have been doubling and in some cases tripling …

What's The Difference Between An Index And Firm Energy Plan?


July 2016 Edition: Selecting the right energy supply plan for your business may be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. While there are a variety of products to choose from, it’s important to understand how each one works so you select the one that is most aligned with your business goals. We’ll walk …