10 Energy Efficiency Tips for your Business

If you’re reading this, your business has already made the first step towards energy efficiency by exploring AEP Energy’s electricity and natural gas price plans. Selecting an energy supplier to protect your business from variable rates is smart, but it’s only the beginning! We recommend business owners strive for energy efficiency beyond enrollment. Below are ten tips to help you reach your energy efficiency goals.

1. Install LED lightbulbs where applicable
According to GE, there are a handful of advantages to installing LED lightbulbs. For starters, they use 50 percent less electricity than your traditional lightbulbs. Plus, they have a much longer lifespan overall. This simple switch will simultaneously reduce your energy usage and frequency in lightbulb replacement purchases.

2. Invest in a smart, programmable thermostat
Trending upwards since the 2010s, smart thermostats are quickly becoming a staple item for mitigating a business’ heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats’ automated technology gives businesses greater climate control and eliminates wasted usage from human error. Some thermostats will even send an analysis of your monthly usage, as well as recommendations on how to improve your savings next month.

3. Utilize smart power strips
Replacing your existing power strips with smart power strips can directly impact your energy usage. According to Energy Star, smart power strips can be timer-equipped, motion-detected or sleep mode management power strips. All three will power down unnecessary electricity flow, decreasing your usage.

4. Unplug unused appliances
Sometimes making simple changes can help reduce energy consumption. Unplugging appliances, like coffee pots or toasters, when they are not being used can become impactful in reducing your energy spend and, ultimately, your energy bills.

5. Research utility efficiency programs
Many utilities offer energy efficiency programs for small businesses. Contact your local utility to learn if your business would benefit from any of the diverse offerings they may have.

6. Replace some lighting with natural light
We all enjoy those nice, sunny days. Why not let your energy spend enjoy them too? When the sun shines, switch off some lights and open your blinds to let the natural light in.

7. Install energy-efficient blinds and shades
In contrast, balance your natural light with insulated window blinds and shades. In the summer, these can keep cool air in, and in the winter, they reduce heat loss and keep the cold air out.

8. Properly use ceiling fans
When used properly, ceiling fans can make a big difference in providing a comfortable climate for your business. Be sure to rotate your fans counter-clockwise in the summer to push air down for a cooler feel. In the winter, warmer air tends to rise. To combat this, rotate your fan clockwise to move the warmer air back down throughout the room.

9. Check for drafts from windows and doors
Examine your windows and doors for overly sensitive air drafts. Simply sealing these airways will help with heating and cooling efficiencies. There are many products available that can provide a quick fix. Check out these DIY ideas for draft-proofing by Simple Most, here.

10. Educate your employees about your changes
Lastly, an important step in accomplishing your energy efficiency goals is educating your employees on what they can do to help. If you invest in any of the ideas listed above, be sure to explain why you invested and how it will work to reduce your energy spend. Getting your team on board to help with your cost-conscious movement will pay dividends to your business’ energy efficiency effectiveness.

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