MISO capacity Planning Resource Auction results


May 19, 2023    
All Day

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Click on the links below to view the auction results for each utility.

•AEP OH: https://aepohiocbp.com/index.cfm?s=home&p=home
•FE OH: https://www.firstenergycbp.com/Home.aspx
•AES: https://www.aes-ohioauction.com/
•Duke: https://www.duke-energyohiocbp.com/Calendar.aspx
•FE PA: https://www.fepaauction.com/Home.aspx
•Duquesne: https://www.duquesnedsp.com/Results.aspx
•PECO and PPL: No auction site. This is filed with the Public Utility Commission along with the rider.