Thursday, July 20 Webinar

Meeting Sustainability Goals: Real
Life Lessons & Solutions (Part 2)

Webinar Highlights

Every company has had pain points when it comes to decarbonization progress. Many are wanting to further their sustainability journey and are attempting to narrow in on the optimal resources, solutions and tools required to meet their decarbonization goals, but need guidance on the best approach.

In this webinar series, we will broaden your sustainability knowledge and equip you with key information to help your organization meet its decarbonization goals. In Part 1, we covered effective approaches to identifying, organizing and execution your sustainability goals and plan. In this webinar, Meeting Sustainability Goals: Real Life Lessons & Solutions (Part 2), we’ll continue this discussion by sharing customer success stories and lessons learned so you know what to expect in your decarbonization journey.

Key topics will include:

  • Onsite solar solutions: The successes and the failures
  • Decarbonization and sustainability goals: Examples of successful solutions
  • Waste heat recovery: How it applies to your Scope 1 emissions
  • Resiliency and decarbonization: how to think about backup solutions

Missed Part 1? Watch the recording here.

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George Deljevic
Vice President, Energy Services, AEP Energy

Dan Smies
Managing Director of Business Development & Strategy

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