Thursday, September 29 Webinar

Current Considerations in Energy & Sustainability

Webinar Highlights

Businesses are facing many obstacles when it comes to preparing for and developing a sustainability plan to reduce carbon emissions. Many of these challenges are related to an increasing amount of reporting and disclosure requirements, shifting conditions in the energy and renewables markets, and the need to maintain resiliency. In this webinar, our experts will dive into each of these critical areas and equip you with what you need to know in this every-changing market.

  • Reporting and Disclosure Requirements – Organizations are facing pressure to report their carbon footprint in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner so that investors and customers can adequately assess their financial decisions based on climate-related impacts. Learn how to navigate through the reporting requirements and disclosures and how you can demonstrate emission-reduction progress year over year.
  • Shifting Conditions in Renewables Market – For years, the renewable energy market has been relatively stable and predictable, offering buyers confidence that project would be completed on time and at expected costs while meeting carbon reduction goals. With new levels of uncertainty, you’ll learn how to adapt and take action in this changing environment.
  • Maintaining Resiliency – Planning for resiliency has become imperative to mitigate climate-related financial and operational impacts. Discover the range of resiliency solutions and their economic viability, extreme weather resistance and impact on your carbon books.

We will help you navigate through these challenges and provide smart solutions to keep you on the path to your specific sustainability goals.

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George Deljevic
Vice President, Energy Services, AEP Energy

Evan Howell
Director Strategic Account Solutions

Dan Smies
Managing Director of Business Development & Strategy

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