You Can Go Green All Year Long

Winter is upon us and though the weather is turning cold, you can still go green and be environmentally friendly in all seasons. One of the most obvious ways to minimize your carbon footprint is to enroll in a renewable energy plan. However, there are many other things you can do to protect the environment no matter the time of year. Check out these tips for going green this winter:

Manage snow and ice – as snow and ice accumulate, they can become contaminated with salt, litter, dirt and other pollutants. When the piles thaw, those contaminates will flow with the melted snow into storm drains and possibly even waterways. Consider removing snow before it turns into ice or becomes compacted. You can do this by shoveling it into lawns and gently sloped areas that will allow it to soak into the ground.

Share a ride – carpooling or utilizing public transportation is a great idea all year round, but especially in winter. You’ll cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and spend less time looking for parking. When driving your own vehicle, avoid warming up your car for longer than 3 minutes.

Use eco-friendly and pet-safe deicer – choose a deicer that doesn’t contain rock salt or calcium chloride which can be dangerous for children, pets and the environment. Only use as much as the directions advise and sweep up any spilled content.

Compost all year long – you can create a compost in your freezer by using a re-sealable bag. Simply empty food waste, coffee grounds, napkins and other compostable items into the bag and store in the freezer. Remember to use a reusable mug or recycle disposable ones.

Practice energy efficiency at home – make sure your home or apartment has adequate insulation and seal any drafty areas or windows. Open drapes during the day to allow the warm rays of the sun inside and close them in the evening to keep out the chill. Unplug chargers and small appliances before leaving to avoid phantom energy usage. Turn down the thermostat a few degrees when you’re gone or at night while sleeping to help your heating unit use less energy. If you’re looking for energy-efficient products for your home, check out AEP Energy Reward Store. It’s our one-stop marketplace with a variety of high-tech and connected home devices with you in mind.

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