Use Energy Supply Rate Comparison Websites to Save

If you live in a deregulated state, you have the ability to shop and compare electricity supply prices and select a supplier. Websites like Energy Choice Ohio and PA Power Switch make comparing energy supply rates easy.
How does it work?
You have the ability to compare electric and/or gas rates as it applies to your area. The rate comparison websites will ask you for your zip code, the name of your utility company, and whether you’re looking for rates for residential, small business, or large commercial business. Once you submit those details you’ll be presented with a list of suppliers.
As you look through the list you’ll notice there’s a lot of information provided. The comparison lists include information such as:

  • Suppliers and their contact information
  • The price per kilowatt hour
  • Rate type (Variable – This means the contract is month-by-month and the price point can change at any time. Fixed – Price stays the same for the duration of that agreement term.)
  • Early termination fee (if applicable)
  • Monthly fee (if applicable)
  • Offer details
  • Promotion offers available
  • A link to sign up for that specific offer

Remember, you have the option to switch suppliers, or you can stay with the utility. Whether you keep your utility as your supplier or you switch, it’s important to note that certain features will be the same. For example, your utility will still read your meter and send you your monthly bill no matter who you choose as a supplier. Check out this link from Energy Choice Ohio for more information on switching. You can also visit to see if your state offers an energy choice program.
AEP Energy is a certified Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) provider and as a Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service (CRNGS) provider. While it is an affiliate of AEP Ohio, AEP Energy is not soliciting on behalf of and is not an agent of AEP Ohio. AEP Ohio customers do not need to purchase any competitive retail electric service from AEP Energy to receive or to continue to receive non-competitive retail electric services from AEP Ohio.

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