Summer Energy Savings

summerenergytips-postAs the seasons change, so can your utility bills. Chances are you’ll be using more energy to keep your home cool this summer. Air conditioners, window units, and fans can keep you cool, but how can you keep your utility bills from heating up?

  • Take advantage of your blinds: Lower your blinds and pull your curtains closed to keep the sun from shining in your home. This will help keep your rooms cooler and reduce the needed energy from your air conditioner.
  • Try natural ventilation: On mild days, or if you live in an area that experiences cool nights, open up the windows and turn off the AC. You’ll save on energy when you let the wind and cross breeze cool your home.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans: Use your ceiling fans when you open your windows. It costs less to use your fans than it does to run your AC.1 Don’t forget to turn the fan off when the room is not in use!
  • Cook outdoors: If you have a grill, cook outside more often to avoid turning on your oven. Your oven can quickly heat up your kitchen, which may cause your AC to kick on or stay on longer than it needs to. You can grill more than steak, hamburgers, and chicken! Try grilled pizza, fruit, veggies, and foil pack dinners.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: You can control your home’s temperature while you’re home and away. There’s no need to waste energy by cooling an empty house while you’re away on vacation. Schedule your AC to kick back on in enough time to cool your house before you get home. Added bonus: You could save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs per year when you use a programmable thermostat!2
  • Hang clothes to dry: Save energy and money when you take advantage of this green living tip.
  • Prep your pool: When you cover your pool with a solar cover, you can reduce heating costs 50 to 70 percent.3 Solar covers can also reduce the amount of water that needs to be added and reduce the pool’s chemical use by 30 to 50 percent and 35 to 60 percent respectively.3 You can find more energy saving tips for your pool here. Stay cool and save money this summer! Like us on Facebook where we’ll share more tips throughout the year!

2. U.S. Department of Energy

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