Shop Smarter for Your Business’ Natural Gas

This blog is relevant for Ohio business owners.

Whether heating your building, firing up industrial stoves or operating heavy machinery, natural gas is used to power important parts of your business.
Most businesses allow the utility to provide their business’ natural gas and are unaware that they can partner with a retail energy supplier, like AEP Energy, for their natural gas needs, as well.
Benefits of Using a Retail Supplier for Natural Gas
Unless you’ve already signed with a supplier, your utility provides gas to your business. However, the utility isn’t able to protect you from fluctuating natural gas prices. During the winter months – December-February – demand for natural gas is at its highest because businesses are trying to keep their buildings warm, resulting in a higher price.
Suppliers can offer fixed price plans that lock in a stable price for the duration of your contract, avoiding seasonal spikes in price.
When’s the Best Time to Sign a Contract?
Typically, based on market trends, natural gas is cheapest in May. However, there’s also usually a dip in price in October, right before the cold weather arrives. It’s wise for business owners to take advantage of these dips and sign a fixed rate contract with a supplier so you’re not paying premium prices for the natural gas your business uses during the winter.

This graph reflects historical natural gas prices From September 2017 – July 2018.
If your business is located in Ohio, AEP Energy can provide you with peace of mind and budget stability with our Firm Price Plan for natural gas. Contact us today at 1-877-648-1936 or fill out our form to receive a personalized price plan for your business!

AEP Energy is a competitive retail natural gas service provider and an affiliate of Ohio Power Company (AEP Ohio).  AEP Energy is not soliciting on behalf of and is not an agent of AEP Ohio

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