The Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber Announces New Partnership with AEP Energy

Lancaster, Ohio, June 13, 2013 – The Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber has entered into a partnership with Neace Lukens, an AssuredPartners company, and AEP Energy to help reduce members’ energy costs. This partnership &ndash a strong addition to the Chamber&rsquos suite of Member Services &ndash reflects its devotion to developing new relationships that provide further benefits and cost-savings services to its valued members.
AEP Energy can turn a Fairfield County Chamber member’s monthly electric bill into a competitive advantage by using a customized approach to electricity procurement and management.
AEP Energy is a competitive retail electric service provider and a subsidiary of American Electric Power based in Columbus, Ohio. AEP Energy negotiates lower electricity supply rates from a variety of sources and passes those savings along to commercial and industrial clients as well as residential customers. In addition, AEP Energy’s Energy Management division can help businesses operate more efficiently by using cutting-edge energy management solutions.
“We are very pleased to have aligned with AEP Energy and Neace Lukens to create this strategic partnership designed to create energy savings for our members,” said Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber President Travis Markwood. “This relationship aligns perfectly with our mission to provide value-added programs and services to the businesses of Lancaster and Fairfield County.”
Neace Lukens is a full-service insurance brokerage and consulting firm, offering numerous programs to protect clients, their businesses and their employees. The Neace Lukens CORE Solutions Property Services division provides energy services to clients, including discounted energy supply in deregulated states through AEP Energy. Neace Lukens is a subsidiary of AssuredPartners, Inc., a top-15 broker of U.S. business as ranked by Business Insurance in 2012.
“The Neace Lukens CORE Solutions team provides a full suite of energy solutions to assist clients in lowering costs,” said Tim Devine, president of Neace Lukens CORE Solutions. “This partnership with the Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber and AEP Energy will provide a competitive, cost-effective energy solution for Chamber members.” To learn more about how this program can help your organization save money, please contact Tim Hampson at 740-689-9876 or email
About Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber
The Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce supports a prosperous business environment that enhances life in our region by providing value-added programs and services that contribute to its members’ success. Contact: Travis Markwood, President, Lancaster Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, 740-653-8251.
About Neace Lukens
Neace Lukens, founded in 1991, has more than 150 licensed agents and more than 650 employees operating in 30 offices throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina. Neace Lukens corporate headquarters are located in Louisville, Ky., at 2305 River Rd. Neace Lukens became an AssuredPartners, Inc. company in September 2011. Mr. Lukens can also be followed through social media channels – Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact: Stephanie Johnson, Corporate Media Coordinator, 513-624-1725 or Click here for more information.
About AEP Energy
AEP Energy is a certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) provider and is affiliated with American Electric Power Co., Inc. (NYSE: AEP). AEP Energy supplies electricity to business and residential customers in Illinois, Ohio and other deregulated electricity markets. AEP Energy also offers energy solutions, including demand response and energy efficiency services, nationwide. AEP Energy is not soliciting on behalf of and is not an agent for any AEP utility. Contact: Melissa McHenry, Director External Communications, 614-716-1120 or for media inquiries. Click here for more information.

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