Is Your Energy Use Naughty or Nice? Tips for Holiday Gatherings.

Holiday season has officially begun which means lots of food, cooking, decorating, family gatherings, shopping and more. While the holidays are fun filled, they can be a little energy – draining. It is important to conserve your energy during the holidays. Whether you are the one hosting or visiting loved ones, here are some helpful tips to help you save energy and money during the holiday season.

In the kitchen:

  • Match the size of your pot to the stove burners. Also, a clean oven can distribute heat more evenly.
  • Use lids when cooking on the stove to save energy, heat and help items cook faster.
  • Try to put as many items in the oven together as possible.
  • No peeking! Your oven can drop in temperature and the food will take longer to cook when the door is opened.
  • Use a microwave more.
  • Use air fryers where you can with items like stuffing, roasted veggies and more.

While entertaining:

  • Use warming trays instead of plugged in crock pots.
  • Use glass or ceramic baking dishes.

In general:

  • Turn down the heat when more people are in your home.
  • Reduce the number of trips you take by combining errands.
  • Consider using LED lights which are more energy efficient.
  • Put lights and decorations on timer. Also unplug lights when sleeping or leaving your house.

Above all, you’ll want to be sure to secure a fixed rate for your electricity supply and natural gas supply (where applicable) to keep your energy bills stable with a supplier like AEP Energy. Get protection from rising rates and get peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about your energy bill soaring through the roof.

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