Introducing AEP Energy Reward Store!

Introducing AEP Energy Reward Store!
AEP Energy has a new online store with a variety of energy efficient and connected-home products exclusively for our customers.  When you enroll or renew on many of our price plans, you can start earning Reward Dollars to use towards purchases in the store.
How Does AEP Energy Reward Store Work?
Collect – Shop – Redeem!  Collect Reward Dollars each month for simply being an AEP Energy customer.  Shop AEP Energy Reward Store for energy-efficient products.  Redeem your Reward Dollars instantly at checkout and enjoy smart solutions for your home.  It’s that simple.

Who Can Shop In AEP Energy Reward Store?
New residential customers who enroll in qualifying AEP Energy price plans are eligible to shop in the store.  If you are a current customer on a plan which does not earn Reward Dollars, you are eligible to take advantage of Reward Store for your energy efficient home products, as well.  However, if you would like to begin earning Reward Dollars, you should contact the AEP Energy Customer Care Team at 1-866-258-3782 to find out what AEP Energy Reward Store price plan offerings are available.
How Do I Activate My AEP Energy Reward Store Account?
Once you are enrolled as an AEP Energy customer, you will need to activate your account.  Simply navigate to, select “Need help logging in” and complete the “I’ve never logged in before” tab.  Click “Shop now,” read and agree to the terms, and start exploring the store.

What Can I Get With My Reward Dollars?
AEP Energy Reward Store is stocked with a multitude of fantastic, energy-efficient and connected-home products, all with a broad range of pricing.  From LED light bulbs to solar-powered speakers to electric vehicle car chargers, our online store has something to help everyone go green.

What Price Plans Are Available Now?
AEP Energy offers electricity, natural gas, and renewable products in a broad range of price plans with a variety of terms for our customers.  Our goal is to do the right thing, for every customer, every time.  And our price plans and excellent customer service reflect our desire to serve our customers in the manner in which they deserve.
To see what price plans are available now, simply enter your zip code in the “Check Service Availability” box at the top of this page.

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