How Do Renewable Energy Certificates Work?

So, you’re interested in renewable energy, but unsure if it’s available to you? Good news! If you live in a deregulated state, even if your local utility doesn’t offer green energy, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) make it possible for you to choose to enroll in a renewable energy supply.

What is a REC?

RECs are the market-based and legally accepted instrument that represent the property rights to the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. RECs are issued when electricity is generated from a renewable source and delivered to the grid. So, an energy supplier, like AEP Energy, can purchase RECs that match your energy supply to 100% renewable sources. RECs make it possible for you to support electricity generation from renewable sources even if you don’t live near them or have access to them.

What Makes a REC?

Renewable Energy Certificates are a tracking mechanism that audit and identify where and what renewable sources were purchased. Because the electricity in the grid doesn’t identify how it was generated, RECs account for, track and assign ownership to renewable electricity generation and use. Basically, they serve as proof for the consumer that renewable energy sources were used in the generation of electricity.

Each REC includes:

  • Certificate data and type
  • Tracking system ID
  • Renewable fuel type
  • Renewable facility location
  • Nameplate capacity of project
  • Project name
  • Project build date
  • Certificate generation
  • Certificate unique ID number
  • Utility to which project is interconnected
  • Eligibility for certification or RPS
  • Emissions rate of the renewable resource

AEP Energy is proud to offer to residential and business customers the opportunity to select Green-e certified smart energy choices that meet the highest environmental and customer protection standards. Green-e Energy is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy1.

How Can I Enroll in a Renewable Energy Plan?

It’s easy! Simply visit AEP Energy’s website to view our renewable products and plans. You have the power to choose environmentally friendly, green energy for your home or business!


1For information on Green-e Energy, write to Green-e Energy, 1012 Torney Ave., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94129, or visit

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