Green Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving

Did you know an average of 40 million Americans move each year? That adds up to a lot of spent energy, money and packing materials. We have some tips on how you can stay green, even when you move.

Allow yourself plenty of time to pack

Moving requires a lot of packing supplies and sometimes extra trips. You can alleviate some of those by allowing yourself plenty of time to pack. Go through your things and decide what you really need to take and what might be a bit excessive. If that kitchen gadget you thought you had to have has been hiding in a cupboard or closet for years, or perhaps never been used, you may want to consider parting with it. The same goes for clothes and any other objects in your home.

If you start packing well in advance, you’ll have time to get rid of things you don’t really need. You’ll also be more likely to have the time to have a yard sale or donate to those in need. The less you take with you on the move, the less trips you’ll make to move and the less fuel you’ll use.

Stockpile your packing materials ahead of time

Instead of just going out and buying boxes, first ask local businesses about if they will give you theirs. Most companies throw away boxes after they’ve been used and are willing to give them away if requested. You can also keep and use your own bubble wrap and boxes from home.

If you must buy boxes, there are companies such as who collect boxes that are on their way to the dump from businesses around the country. They also use some new boxes that are factory misprints and overruns. Then, they pack them into handy kits complete with tape, packing paper and markers. You can usually get boxes from them within two to three days and it costs less than buying new boxes.

Another packing secret is to use the containers you already have. Pull out your suitcases and plastic bins and fill them up. Use pillows instead of paper to package fragile items. This will help consolidate your stuff with zero waste.

Recycle your packing materials

After your move, make sure to recycle your packing boxes and supplies. Find a friend or fellow mover to give them to, advertise online to find a taker, or take them to the recycling center.

Take us with you when you move

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