Energy Efficiency in your Home

Improving energy efficiency in your home could not only save you money, but also can help the environment and create healthy living habits for your family. The best way to ensure your home is staying energy efficient is to do your research before executing any home improvement changes. Luckily, there are many resources, both in stores and online, which have done a lot of research and created products specifically designed to make saving energy a lot easier. has even created a chart that allows you to prioritize your energy needs based off of your personal home situation.
After you’ve prioritized your energy efficiency needs, consider trying one of these tasks to make your home more energy efficient:

  • Upgrade or replace old windows
  • Plant trees or shrubs around your house to shade your home
  • Replace regular incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Unplug appliances while not in use
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances
  • Adequately insulate your home

To see where you could really improve upon within your household, schedule an energy audit for expert advice on where your home could most be improved.
Doing these things will not only help to improve the efficiency of your home, but will also make an impact on the environment around you. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), buildings in the United States account for 39 percent of total energy usage, 68 percent of total electricity consumption, and 38 percent of nationwide carbon dioxide emissions. When you think about the severity of these numbers, there are so many solutions you could make in your everyday living habits to help lower these numbers.
“By switching to a green lifestyle we can increase economic and environmental performance,” says the EPA. It also, “enhances and protects biodiversity and ecosystems, conserves and restores natural resources, reduces waste streams, and improves air and water quality.”
As humans it’s our responsibility to ensure that our planet lives for many years to come. Find us on Facebook and let us know what you’ve done to make your home energy efficient.

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