Celebrate Earth Day Safely!

This year, the theme of Earth Day, chosen by EarthDay.Org, is “Restore Our Earth”. And as we celebrate on Thursday, April 22, it’s a good time to consider the connection we have to nature, plants and the land and a great reminder to take care of our planet. Earth Day has a long and rich history, and 2021 marks 51 years of celebrating it!

Typically, in the past, Earth Day events included large group gatherings where cleanups of green space or planting trees happened. This year, with social distancing in place, Earth Day is going digital with a variety of virtual events happening such as lectures and films hosted by EarthDay.Org along with lead organizers Education International, Hip Hop Caucus and Earth Uprising.

We may not be gathering in large groups, but there are several ways to celebrate Earth Day safely at home!

  • Plant wildflowers – you can learn how to grow wildflowers in your garden, which will lure the local pollinators and entice you with their beauty, too. This guide from the Old Farmer’s Almanac will help you select wildflowers that will thrive in your area.
  • Plant local – plants thrive best when they are native to the area. Learn what plants are local to your residence in this article and if you’re planting a garden, check out these tips on how to create an eco-friendly one!
  • Go organic with a vegetable garden – another way to enjoy reaping the rewards of Earth Day all year long is by growing an organic veggie garden. If you’re a beginner, these tips will help you develop your green thumb!
  • Welcome insects and wildlife – you can turn your garden into a habitat for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees! If you’re really into helping your native pollinators, you can make a native bee house, too.
  • Conserve water – one way to conserve water is to avoid over-watering flowers and veggie gardens. The best time to water is during or immediately after a rainfall, especially if the rain shower amounts only to a half-inch or so of water. The reason for this is that you want to add sufficient water at the same time to ensure penetration of 5 or 6 inches. If you wait another day or two to water, you will be adding only surface water, which evaporates rapidly. With only frequent, light watering or rain showers, you never build up a reserve of water in the soil.
  • Plant more trees – if you have the space, consider planting a tree or trees on your property. A fruit tree may provide a tasty treat and shade trees will help keep you cool during the warm weather.
  • Make it a family affair – share the joy of gardening and caring for the planet with your kids! You can find a ton of stay-at-home Earth Day ideas here: Celebrating Earth Day at Home.

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