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Transmission costs continue to increase, year after year


(2 minute read) Transmission Rates Keep Climbing Have you noticed the transmission rate on your energy bill increasing recently? You are not imagining things. In some areas, rates have increased over 75%! Regardless of whether transmission costs are billed by the utility or passed through to you on your retail energy supplier bill, this costly …

The Future of Transmission Costs and How it Impacts Your Organization


Previous issues of Customer Insights provided a transmission service overview, explaining how transmission is regionally administered and affects customer bills, as well as tips on transmission service cost management. In this issue of Customer Insights, we will dive a little deeper into what factors drive transmission cost. How transmission costs are billed Most energy buyers …

Transmission Services Overview


November 2018 Edition:¬†¬†Transmission Services Overview Transmission of electricity from power generators to energy end users forms the core of our electric grid. Costs incurred for transmission service and reliability represent a key price component of energy bills for consumers. In this edition of Customer Insights, our experts will explain how transmission will affect your company‚Äôs …

Transmission Congestion: How does this affect your energy price?


May¬†2018¬†Edition:¬†Transmission Congestion: How does this affect your energy price? As an energy buyer, you may have heard terms such as Transmission Congestion, Marginal Losses, Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs), and Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs). In this edition, our experts will provide a high-level dive and how these components affect your energy price. Let‚Äôs begin with understanding …

Transmission Cost Management


February 2018¬†Edition:¬†Transmission Cost Management Did you know transmission costs is another electricity cost component you have some control over? NSPL Management Services available at AEP Energy can help you do just that. Our experts explain how. In previous editions of Customer Insights, we‚Äôve discussed methods by which customers can strategically plan energy procurement. Much like …

Transmission Services: How Does This Affect You?


September 2016 Edition:¬†Transmission is one of the many electric service components affecting energy prices for consumers, contributing to roughly 8% of your overall energy costs and in some regions of the United States it has reached as high as 30%. Most alarming, transmission costs throughout the country have been doubling and in some cases tripling …