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Meeting Your Sustainability Goals with Waste Energy Recovery Technologies


There is a significant amount of waste energy from industrial processes that rely heavily on fossil-based generation fuels. Typically, some of the energy used in these processes is not put into practical use and is lost or wasted. Recovering the waste energy can be conducted through several technologies and can provide valuable energy sources that …

Four Challenges with Connecting Renewables to the Electricity Grid

Renewable Energy

Achieving federal 100 percent clean electricity goals by 2035[1] will require nationwide electric generation to triple compared to 2020 levels. Overall, the power and infrastructure demanded by electricity customers over the next 12 years represent billions of dollars in potential spending. To meet this rising demand, energy suppliers, developers, and utilities are rushing to build …

Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen: A Check-In for Curious Customers

Renewable Energy

The race is on to decarbonize the economy. As energy advisors, we work daily with organizations looking to become more energy efficient and integrate renewable energy into their operations. Use less and produce what you do use from a renewable source – these are the two primary avenues to decarbonize electricity. Not all energy consumed …

What to Know About Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy

It’s getting a lot more expensive to buy the rights to claim renewable energy – in some cases, up to ten times what it cost a year ago! Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) have long been the easiest and cheapest way for an organization to fulfill a renewable energy commitment, but RECs are no longer the …

An Integrated Approach to Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The interest and demand for renewable energy shows no sign of slowing. Indeed, the growth in demand for renewables only seems to be getting stronger. More and more organizations have sustainability goals that include renewable energy and/or carbon reduction. The focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) plans is being driven by all sides – …

Renewable Energy Buying Trends: Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

Renewable Energy

Across the country and across all sectors of the economy, more and more organizations are joining the renewable energy movement. As we discussed in last month’s Customer Insights, there are many avenues to accessing renewable energy. In this edition we explore virtual power purchase agreements (vPPAs), which are scalable structures that unlock many possibilities for …

The Renewable Energy Landscape

Renewable Energy

We are currently experiencing a period of dramatic growth in renewable energy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that from 2019 to 2021 the share of total U.S. electricity coming from renewable energy will grow from 17% to 22%. The biggest reason for the surge in renewable development is cost (see our recent Customer …

Integrated Renewable Energy – A Simpler Renewable Solution


Organizations across the globe are looking to integrate clean energy commitments as part of their business plans. Whether it’s driven by expressed interest from shareholders and tax payers, concerns around environmental impact or a desire to keep up with the competition, organizations find the need for renewable and sustainability goals greater than ever before. Last …