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Why an Effective Cost Management Strategy is Important for Your Business


Energy cost is a considerable part of any organization’s operating budget – and an important one to get right. However, some businesses with abundant electric and natural gas accounts across many regions and utilities find that cost management is challenging and best practices are difficult to implement. For some, effective cost management results in administrative …

Retail Supplier Billing: What are your options?


With retail electric supply, customers have many choices when it comes to suppliers, products and services. You also have a choice regarding the type of billing you receive when electing a retail energy contract. Public Utility Commissions (PUC), your local distribution company (LDC), and retail energy suppliers work closely with one another to ensure customer …

Demand Cost Management


April 2017 Edition: Demand Cost Management – Did you know that demand-based cost components make up 20 to 40% of your total electricity cost? AEP Energy Customer Insights explores demand-based costs to help you make smart energy supply purchasing decisions. Demand Cost Management  Did you know that demand-based cost components make up twenty to forty percent of …