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Meeting Your Sustainability Goals with Waste Energy Recovery Technologies


There is a significant amount of waste energy from industrial processes that rely heavily on fossil-based generation fuels. Typically, some of the energy used in these processes is not put into practical use and is lost or wasted. Recovering the waste energy can be conducted through several technologies and can provide valuable energy sources that …

PJM’s Capacity Market: What Is MOPR?


If you’re an energy buyer for a facility located in PJM, you’ve likely heard the term “MOPR” a time or two. In this edition of Customer Insights we’ll explain the meaning of MOPR and how PJM’s pending capacity market could impact your business. First, let’s begin with a brief history. In June 2018, the Federal …

Capacity Costs – What Factors Make Up Your Total Cost?


Many of our customers experience benefits by participating in AEP Energy programs that help them manage their capacity. In recent editions of Customer Insights, we’ve explained that passing through capacity charges can be beneficial to customers looking to lower overall capacity costs by paying the true cost for capacity minus risk premiums. When considering capacity …