5 Myths About Energy Choice

If you live in a deregulated state you have the power to choose from whom you shop for your Electricity and Natural Gas commodity. The decision is yours to shop and look for an electric generator or natural gas supplier that is most beneficial to your lifestyle based off of price and length of contract.
Myth #1: Everyone has the ability to choose his or her energy supplier.
Fact: Only in those states where energy deregulation has occurred do you have the ability to switch electricity or natural gas suppliers. A full list of energy-deregulated states can be found here.
Myth #2: There is only one electric choice provider in my area.
Fact: Many competitive energy suppliers exist and are offering their services in your area. You have the opportunity to select the company that supplies the generation of your electricity and the supply of your natural gas at a price and term that works best for you. Compare various suppliers current offers here by typing in your zip code.
Myth #3: Because you switched energy suppliers your local utility will no longer provide you service.
Fact: It’s important to know that shopping rates and selecting an energy supplier does not impact the services provided by your local utility.
Myth #4: Your retail energy supplier and energy utility company have to be the same.
Fact: For those states where energy deregulation has occurred, the energy supplier and utility can be two separate companies. The supplier may or may not bill you directly; but often their services are included in the bill you receive from your local utility. The utility is still responsible for reading your meter and offering emergency and maintenance services.
Myth #5: Renewable energy is not an option from retail electric suppliers.
Fact: Some retail electric suppliers, such as AEP Energy, do provide a clean electric option using renewable energy credits from renewable sources. Not all suppliers have a renewable option so consider this in your search for a retail electric supplier.



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