Meet AEP Energy Small Business Solutions

At AEP Energy, our goal is to do the right thing, every time, for every customer and every employee. Our customers’ needs are as different as they are and we strive to align our services to meet those needs in the most customized way possible.

Our small business customers are unique and their requirements are quite different from that of our large commercial and industrial companies and residential customers. That’s why AEP Energy Small Business Solutions has a group dedicated to supporting small businesses. The team, comprised of an Account Management Team and Energy Consultants, offers customers a suite of products and customized pricing designed with small businesses in mind.

Meet the Team!

AEP Energy’s Energy Consultants work with small businesses to understand their business and energy needs. Our team takes these factors, and more, into consideration before recommending a custom price plan specific to your organization. Whether one of our Energy Consultants stops by your business or assists you over the phone, you can expect to work with a team dedicated to finding an energy supply plan that works for you.

The Small Business Solutions Account Management Team is your point of contact after you begin your agreement with AEP Energy. Our dedicated team of energy specialists are available to answer questions about your account, keep you up-to-date on energy news and product offerings, and help you renew your agreement when it’s time to continue your partnership with AEP Energy.

You can contact our Small Business Energy Consultants at 1-877-648-1936. If you are a current customer and need assistance, please call your Account Management Team at 1-888-924-7111.

Check out Our Offerings!

AEP Energy takes great pride in providing small businesses with the information needed to make the best energy choice for their organization. Our team reviews each individual business’ usage profile to create a price plan customized for those specific needs. We have several types of pricing plans structured to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

Our Firm Price Plan for electricity stabilizes electricity supply at one simple price per kWh. Our True Cost Price Plan tailors electricity supply prices by securing fixed energy rates and charging capacity rates set by the market that vary each year. Our Blended Rate Price Plan protects costs by locking in pricing for a few key factors, including a fixed energy rate and capacity costs.

Not only will we put together the right price plan, but AEP Energy also offers a variety of term lengths, traditional and environmentally-friendly renewable energy options, as well as natural gas! With the power to choose and guidance from our energy experts, small business owners will have peace of mind knowing they made the right choice to power their business’ future.

Get in Touch With Us!

To learn more about our products or sign up for energy supply, contact our Small Business Energy Consultants at 1-877-648-1936. Current customers who need assistance should contact the Account Management Team at 1-888-924-7111. Businesses that use more than 50,000 kWh each month are asked to please request a quote. One of our Energy Solutions Managers will respond with additional information.

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