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Four Things to Consider Before Taking on a Solar Project on Your Own


Solar is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses wishing to increase their sustainability and resiliency through the installation of a solar array on their property. The rapid growth is driven, in part, by the impression that solar is “easy” which has led many businesses to the conclusion that installing, owning, and operating their system …

Solar Options: Which One is Right for Your Business?


With the billions of dollars of incentives for renewable energy in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, you may be looking to learn about the advantages of solar energy or at least to get a refresher. Very simply, solar cells convert radiation from the sun into electricity.  However, how and where the solar cells are …

Solar Projects: How Cost Effective Are They?


December 2018 Edition:  Solar Projects:  How Cost Effective Are They? Solar continues to become more affordable year over year. Financial incentives, decreased prices and financing options are the main motivators. If your business is considering solar, in this edition of Customer Insights, we’ll explore these motivators and more to help you in your decision making …

On-Site Solar: Is it for you?


May 2017 Edition: On-Site Solar: Is it for you? Are you considering on-site solar to reduce costs and secure energy prices for the future? AEP Energy Customer Insights provides an overview of solar systems, factors to consider, and steps to get you started. On-Site Solar: Is it for you? Commercial and industrial organizations are looking beyond …