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Meeting Your Sustainability Goals with Waste Energy Recovery Technologies


There is a significant amount of waste energy from industrial processes that rely heavily on fossil-based generation fuels. Typically, some of the energy used in these processes is not put into practical use and is lost or wasted. Recovering the waste energy can be conducted through several technologies and can provide valuable energy sources that …

Why Should Organizations Establish an Energy Efficiency Program Management Framework?


Improved energy efficiency is the ‘holy grail’ of effective energy sustainability. Efficiency serves two very important goals: Reduced carbon footprint through reduced consumption Long-term cost structure reduction Organizations such as American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimate an untapped energy savings potential of as much as 30% of usage. Although very few organizations …

Using Innovative Financing Solutions to Enable Energy Efficiency and Technology Projects


Organizations can achieve cost savings and advance their energy sustainability objectives by utilizing the right energy efficiency and technology as project funding solutions. In the current environment, all organizations are pressed to identify and capture new cost savings opportunities, while also enhancing the sustainability of their operations. Reducing energy consumption and demand represents a logical …

Considering LED Lighting? Here’s What You Should Know


October 2018 Edition:  Considering LED Lighting?  Here’s What You Should Know Lighting is a significant contributor to your electricity usage, even in the middle of the day. Most businesses have interior lights on during operating hours, contributing up to 30% of your energy load during a summer peak. While the most effective way to reduce …