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Join the AEP Energy family today by enrolling in our Smart Energy Plan.

What is a Smart Energy Plan?

It is our customer friendly plan for your home that gives you a low, fixed price for the term of your choice, and Reward Dollars to use in Reward Store. So what are you waiting for?


Why Choose AEP Energy?

AEP Energy is your trusted energy supplier and your energy partner. We provide value to our customers with every product offering and deliver a full suite of innovative solutions to meet the energy needs of your home. Our commitment to 100% satisfaction includes no hassle price plans without early cancellation fees and dedicated support for our customers from our team of local care advocates. We’re proud to serve our customers in Central Ohio and beyond and look forward to serving you!

I have found AEP’s natural gas and electric rates to be among the lowest. Low rates along with AEP’s long-standing leadership in energy makes it easy for me to be a customer of an established energy leader with a reliable reputation.

Daniel C. Cleveland, OH

AEP will remind you when your contact is up. I had other companies not tell me and double my rate, and I was stuck with it for several months until I got transferred to new company. I’ve been with AEPE for a few years now and have never had any problems.

Brian D. Cincinnati, OH

I chose AEP Energy for my new residency gas supplier after comparing the cost. They are fixed rate and 24 month locked rate. I’m very pleased to say they are the most reasonable price for gas distribution from local Columbia Gas company. The online sign up experience was very simple! The best part of being their customer again is customer service and support. So glad to reunite again!

Teresa M. Chillicothe, OH

I have been an AEP Energy customer for electricity for two years. When my contract was expiring, I went to compare AEP Energy prices and terms to other suppliers. AEP Energy had the best prices with no cancellation fees. After researching, I ended up adding AEP Energy as my Natural Gas provider as well. The phone specialist was helpful and answered all of my questions.

Cathy P. Columbus, OH

Last week I renewed my contracts with AEP Energy for both electricity and gas for the third time. The rates for both services went DOWN since the last contracts and beat the rates provided by our political region’s contracts for the same services. Service provision is reliable. On rare occasions when service is interrupted, we are notified via text and kept up to date on when service will be restored. My few interactions with AEP Energy personnel have all been positive. They are always focused on problem resolution. I highly recommend AEP Energy to anyone looking for a new provider.

Carole W. Westerville, OH

Looking for savings? AEP Energy offers the best rate in the market compared to other energy suppliers, and their customer service is excellent. It’s nice to see your monthly bill getting reduced drastically by just selecting the proper plan from AEP Energy, instead of getting billed at market price. If you are looking to reduce your electricity/gas bill, take a look at AEP Energy prices and go for it.

Saleem M. New Albany, OH

We have been with AEP Energy for years now and have not considered leaving, their pricing is always great and if you want to leave for some reason there is no contract fee. One bill for all is also the reason I like it.

Robin S. Dublin, OH

I have been extremely happy with AEP Energy. The fixed price for 18 month contract with a no fee cancellation policy is awesome. I monitor the prices other providers have offered me and AEP Energy beats them every time. Highly recommend this company to anyone interested in excellent service and quality support!

Klaus S. Dayton, OH

I would highly recommend AEP Energy … they offer very competitive prices! The employees are friendly, respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable! I won’t be switching providers any time soon!!!

Patti B. Kettering, OH

I found myself researching a new electric supplier. Stability, reputation and cost was important to me. After comparing several choices in my area, I chose AEP Energy. The enrollment was effortless and I was offered the term I desired. Looking forward to saving some money on my electric bill.

Marilyn F. Centerville, OH

AEP Energy is a reliable and easy choice to choose as a provider. The pricing terms of their contracts are simple to navigate and have continuously saved me money as a customer. It’s great to have a choice, and it’s even better to have flexibility on early termination. I would strongly recommend this company to all Ohio Energy consumers.

Daniel B. Dayton, OH

After a bad experience with another provider I contacted AEP Energy. Their rates are considerably lower than my local provider and their customer service is top notch. I have renewed my enrollment several times and will continue to use AEP Energy.

Michael J. Brookville, OH

AEP Energy was really easy to sign up with. They offer a longer term contract, which I find to be very convenient and there is no fee if you decide to switch providers. They offered the lowest price that I found and the reps are super nice and very knowledgeable.

Crystal S. Lancaster, OH

I had a second energy provider experience, only to find out that the “Deal” gift cards or rebates that were given only ended up costing me MORE in the long run. By staying with AEP Energy, I have better control of my long-term costs and I’m not being surprised by sudden price increases.

Michael T. Reynoldsburg, OH

I chose AEP Energy as my electric supplier because the rate was good, there were no termination fees and they offered a choice to go green. Customer Service was very helpful answering questions and was very pleasant to converse with. The entire process was easy to complete. We re-enrolled with AEP Energy because we felt comfortable with them, and had no bad past experiences.

Cheryl B. North Canton, OH
  • Energy Supply

    Energy Suppliers, like AEP Energy, purchase electricity from power generating companies and natural gas from production companies and sell it to you.

  • Utility

    Your local utility delivers energy service to your home, reads your meter, sends you a monthly statement and offers maintenance and emergency services.
    AEP Energy’s charges are listed as a separate line item on your local utility’s bill.

  • Energy Choice

    With Energy Choice, you can receive price protection on your electricity and natural gas supply while receiving the same service from your local utility.

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