Strategic Services Designed to Enhance Your Energy Solution

AEP Energy offers a collection of energy advisory, strategy, execution and program management services tailored to address your business’ evolving needs and objectives. Our tailored services are informed by our broad market knowledge and extensive technology expertise to help you gain insight and get the most value from your energy solutions.

1. Energy Supply Management

With our advanced market analytics and insight-driven strategies for power and natural gas supply management, we’ll help you:

  • Decide which energy supply option is best for you, through detailed products to highlight benefits and risks
    • Set up a program to help you decide when to buy, through continuous market monitoring and objective, tested analytical measures
    • Manage your energy procurements and strategies with the benefit of our deep energy market experience

Energy Supply Management Sales Sheet

2. Energy Sustainability and Renewables

Our comprehensive analytical services support the development, implementation and optimization of your renewable sourcing and energy sustainability strategies. We’ll partner with you to:

  • Understand your renewable energy options through a thorough renewable landscape assessment
  • Scope and evaluate the financial and environmental impacts of different renewable strategies to your organization
  • Develop and execute a renewable energy sourcing strategy built on our deep experience in the market
  • Manage and optimize your renewable energy positions

Sustainability Sales Sheet

3. Energy Efficiency and Technology

Through the application of our advanced energy data analytics and integrated technology solutions, we can help your organization realize energy efficiency cost savings and sustainability benefits, along with enhanced resiliency. Our team will work with you to:

  • Establish a comprehensive energy efficiency program framework to overcome organizational inertia
  • Establish a thorough energy efficiency execution framework to facilitate turnkey project execution
  • Optimize facility performance and reduce cost of operations
  • Evaluate and develop strategies to deploy onsite efficiency and behind-the-meter (BTM) technology solutions

Energy Efficiency Sales Sheet

4. Energy Demand Management

With demand response, peak load management, flexible load response and utility programs, your organization can unlock hidden cost savings and capture value. Our team of experts will help you:   

  • Make informed decisions on where to focus load reduction programs and the best approaches for participation
  • Add incremental revenue through demand response participation while reducing costs and operational risk during peak demand events
  • Minimize administrative overhead for managing demand response and other load management programs

5. Energy Usage and Cost Management

We offer comprehensive management and reporting of energy usage and cost data, utility bill management and payment, as well as savings through utility rate optimization. Our services include:

  • An online portal that offers multi-site usage and cost management, including tracking progress towards sustainability goals
  • Collection, management and payment of energy invoices
  • Invoice-screening for billing errors and ensuring energy delivery is at correct rate

Usage Auditing Sales Sheet

We’re Here to Help

There are many moving pieces and parts to your organization’s energy solutions. With our total energy management approach, we ensure all areas are considered together to create the optimal strategy for your business.