Choose the Right Ohio Gas and Electric Supplier

Are your neighbors’ electricity rates and natural gas prices better than yours? It’s time to take control. Ohioans can choose AEP Energy, a competitive retail electric supplier (CRES) and certified retail natural gas service provider, and get hassle-free enrollment, price protected rates, and green energy options.

Ohio Residents Can Choose Who Supplies Their Electricity

In Ohio, the energy market is deregulated. Gone are the old days of monopolies, high prices, and low-quality service. The current day means more options for where you get your energy, how much you pay for it and the options that come with it.

Two Reasons to Enroll

Residents of the Buckeye State can change their electric supplier quickly and easily. And doing it is very rewarding. Use your power to save money and take advantage of green energy options.

Save Money

Enrolling with AEP Energy gives you the power to get market-based electricity rates that may be lower than your local electric utility. It also gives you peace of mind that comes with paying stable electricity prices and getting the same service and bill you currently receive.

Protect the Planet

It’s possible to positively impact Ohio and the world around you by choosing a renewable electricity plan. With an ECO-Advantage® option from AEP Energy, there’s no interruption of service, equipment installation or additional costs.

AEP Energy Gives You a Better Energy Experience

Say goodbye to volatile utility rates. With AEP Energy, you can save money, go green, avoid billing surprises and much more. AEP Energy is available in most of Ohio, including Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, and most of the places in between.

Get A Better Billing Price

Lower the rate you’re paying per unit of energy consumed to lower your energy bills.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Do your part to protect the environment by getting your energy from green sources.

Stop Paying Variable Rates

Get a fixed-rate plan that doesn’t ebb and flow with seasonal demands.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Stop worrying that you’re overpaying or getting duped by your energy supplier.

Electricity from AEP Energy. Service from Your Utility.

Switching to AEP Energy takes just minutes, and we’ll take care of everything else. We buy electricity from producers. Then we work with your local utility company, who delivers your power, reads your meter, does repairs and sends your bills. You get the service, price and innovation you prefer.

Electric Companies in Ohio

The Illuminating Company

Part of the FirstEnergy Corporation, the Illuminating Company helps serve more than 700,000 customers in northeast Ohio.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy provides electricity to 7.7 million customers in six states, including Ohio.

Ohio Edison

As part of the FirstEnergy Corporation, Ohio Edison helps serve more than one million customers in northeast and north central Ohio.

AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio delivers electricity to more than five million customers in 11 states and owns the nations largest electricity transmission system.

Dayton Power and Light

A subsidiary of AES Corporation, Dayton Power and Light helps serve more than 500,000 customers across West Central Ohio.

Toledo Edison

Toledo Edison is part of the FirstEnergy Corporation and helps serve more than 300,000 customers in northwest Ohio.

Why Do Ohioans Choose AEP Energy?

AEP Energy is an electricity provider that serves hundreds of thousands of customers in Ohio. Read what some of our customers have to say about their experience.

“I chose AEP Energy as my electric supplier because the rate was good, there were no termination fees and they offered a choice to go green. Customer Service was very helpful answering questions and was very pleasant to converse with. The entire process was easy to complete. We re-enrolled with AEP Energy because we felt comfortable with them, and had no bad past experiences.”
– Cheryl B., North Canton, OH

“I had a second energy provider experience, only to find out that the “Deal” gift cards or rebates that were given only ended up costing me MORE in the long run. By staying with AEP Energy, I have better control of my long-term costs and I’m not being surprised by sudden price increases.”
– Michael T., Reynoldsburg, OH

“AEP Energy was really easy to sign up with. They offer a longer term contract, which I find to be very convenient and there is no fee if you decide to switch providers. They offered the lowest price that I found and the reps are super nice and very knowledgeable.”
– Crystal S., Lancaster, OH

“After a bad experience with another provider I contacted AEP Energy. Their rates are considerably lower than my local provider and their customer service is top notch. I have renewed my enrollment several times and will continue to use AEP Energy.”
– Michael J., Brookville, OH

Answering Your Questions

AEP Energy is a certified competitive retail electricity and natural gas supply provider. We operate in 27 service territories in six states and Washington, D.C., supplying electricity for more than 525,000 residential and business customers. We take pride in making it easy for customers to buy, manage, and use energy. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States.

Our price plans require a contract that outlines the terms and conditions, price, and cancellation and renewal provisions.

Many of our price plans do not have an early termination fee if you cancel before the end of your agreement. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of your contract.

Your service may begin as soon as six days after enrollment. You will receive a confirmation letter from your utility that will provide your specific start date.

It’s easy to enroll with AEP Energy. You can join online or give us a call toll-free at 1-855-300-7192.

Have your most recent electricity bill handy so that you can share your account information.

There is no equipment to install or any changes in wiring or hardware, and you won’t experience any interruptions as a result of enrolling with AEP Energy. Nothing will change with your electricity delivery.

AEP Energy notifies your electric distribution company. Enrolling with AEP Energy does not eliminate or cancel your current electric distribution company service. You will remain a customer of your current electric distribution company. They will continue to read your meter, send you one bill that contains all of your charges, and provide maintenance and emergency services.

If your local distribution company issues a switching fee, AEP Energy will cover the charge. However, switching fees should not be confused with early termination fees. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of your contract.

Choose the Ohio Electric Supplier hat Gives You the Power of Great Rates

Make the hassle-free switch to AEP Energy today. Enrolling is fast, easy, and rewarding.