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You are one step closer to lowering your electricity bills by selecting an electricity supplier to help you save money. So how does it work?

Energy Choice 101


Electricity Supplier

Electricity suppliers, like AEP Energy, purchase electricity from power generating companies and can sell it to you at a lower cost than your local utility. AEP Energy offers a variety of different pricing options and terms, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Your Local Utility

Your local utility will continue to deliver electricity service to your home, read your meter, send you a monthly bill, and provide maintenance and emergency services. AEP Energy’s charges will be included on your monthly bill sent by your local utility.


Your Home

With energy choice, you are receiving the same electricity service, but simply paying less for it. By having the power to choose what you pay for your electricity supply and who you buy it from, you’ll have more control over your electricity costs.

Why Choose AEP Energy

AEP Energy is your trusted energy supplier and your energy partner. We provide value to our customers with every product offering and deliver a full suite of innovative solutions to meet the energy needs of your home. Our commitment to 100% satisfaction includes no hassle price plans without early cancellation fees and dedicated support for our customers from our team of local care advocates.

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