Solar Energy

Improving energy economics with an integrated approach

The ultimate renewable energy, solar power is a great way to reduce dependence on conventional electricity generation and send a responsible corporate message. Through a combination of reduced hardware costs and generous incentives, project cost paybacks have been shortened to as little as four years. Additionally, financing can eliminate upfront expense, guaranteeing faster payback.

High Value Electricity

Solar arrays are most efficient on hot summer afternoons when electricity rates tend to be higher. In addition, if the array produces more electricity than consumed in a particular day, it may be used to offset future utility-provided electricity. Solar electricity production is in proportion to the array size and the weather.

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A solar array can produce high value Solar Renewable Energy Certificates with monetary value separate from the electricity.

The Right Company

As a veteran electricity supplier, we understand the true value of solar power. We make accurate financial projections because we understand energy costs in detail and position solar arrays for maximum value, not just maximum output. Additionally, we maximize solar project returns by offering an energy supply contract which reflects the value of post-solar power consumption.

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We install top-quality, American-made solar equipment with a 25-year warranty.

Integrated Approach

AEP Energy improves energy economics with an integrated approach to minimize the project payback period. We do this by employing multiple, integrated strategies such as reducing consumption through energy efficiency; shifting load to less expensive hours through demand response; and generating electricity through solar development.

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We offer a menu of deal structures to maximize project value and suit customer needs including financing and ownership options.