Natural Gas Fixed Price Plan

Natural Gas Plans Made for Your Organization

Enrolling in a natural gas supply plan is a simple way to control your organization’s energy costs. AEP Energy makes it easy by offering a variety of fixed and index options that are customized to meet your needs.

Natural Gas Choice

AEP Energy’s Natural Gas Fixed Price Plan fixes your natural gas supply at one simple price. Selecting AEP Energy’s Fixed Price plan allows you to avoid exposure to variable Market rates and severe winter price spikes. Is your business located in Ohio? Let AEP Energy provide you with peace of mind and budget stability by choosing our Natural Gas Fixed Price Plan.

Product Features:

  • Price is determined by your historical usage
  • Monthly bill varies by energy consumption
  • Receive one bill from your utility

Natural Gas Transport

Customers that need a larger supply of natural gas could benefit from our transport plans, in which we transport the natural gas to the Citygate and cover balancing and storage costs.  You’ll find our fixed and index plans provide options for your organization depending on your risk tolerance and unique natural gas usage of your facility.

Product Features:

  • Contract volumes charged at the contract price
  • Your utility performs local delivery and some short-term storage
  • Dual billing available

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